Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Whole Gangs Here!

It's been a minute since I had something really heartfelt to write about. There hasn't been any really hot underground hits, or any new hot movies (I need to see Pan's Labyrinth though), or anything really exciting in the realm of politics (except that beautiful State of the Union). But I'm back anyway, to touch a few topics, nothing too specific. First, I want to talk about President Bush and his address to the Congress (the standing ovations weren't needed). Bush didn't really say anything about the actual "State" of the Union, he stated everything that he still had left to accomplish (contrary to that banner on the ship). Yet, these congressmen and women stood and applauded his unfinished job (and even asked for autographs at the end). Now to a more important topic, the "State of Hip-Hop" (or lack of). Its been a month since I realized "Hip-Hop Is Dead", and I'm still mourning. There hasn't been any revival or anything (on the up side, Saigon's new video is out). Rap has gotten so corny, I watch romantic comedies instead of Rap City. These beefs between artist was cool when it was between hot artist (and when 50 destroyed Ja), but now any dude with a crew has beef with someone else. You've got artist, okay not artist, rappers, like Jim Jones, The Game, Lil Wayne, Cam'ron (where has he been) and others shooting at other rappers like they have the skills to. Jim Jones and the Diplomats got beef with RocaFella and Def Jam, but mostly with Jay-Z and Nas. The Game has beef with Vida and other video broads (even though he too is a video broad). Lil Wayne has been running his mouth off about being the best, better than Hov. He also has beef with anybody that calls him gay for kissing Baby (I've finally found out what Weezy F. Baby really means). Cam'ron has beef with Jay, Nas, his own crew and himself. I think he's just mad that Juelz and Jim Jones are getting more love than him right now. And also, everybody around the Hip-Hop community has beef with Nas for claiming that "Hip-Hop Is Dead". I just have one statement for all the Nas haters, if you disagree with the statement, then you're probably the reason "Hip-Hop Is Dead". For the last topic, I must delve into my favorite form of entertainment, television. Television has been disappointing me on a regular basis in the past year. From BET actually believing that they're entertaining, to MTV not playing music, or the lack of good television in general. Lets start the week on Sunday, HBO has no programming currently (I hate Rome, bring back the Soprano's already), VH1 moved all the good shows to Monday, and the Simpson's and Family Guy are the only two out of FOX's six shows that are actually funny. Monday is totally empty besides Heroes, which is annoyingly drawn out, yet entertaining. Oh, I almost forgot, I Love New York also comes on, as well as The White Rapper Show (what I have begun watching is appalling). Tuesday, for me, is Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent, even though they are all the same. Somebody walks, drives, jogs, sleeps, etc. by a dead body and says "somebody call the cops", then they commence to solving the case, going to court, messing up the case, resolving the case, then back to court. Wednesday is my day of rest, since nothing entertaining is on television on Wednesday (unless you find Beauty and the Geek entertaining). Thursday is probably the best day for television (has been for a while, Seinfeld, Friends, Will & Grace, ER). It starts with My Name is Earl, then the Office, then Scrubs, 30 Rock, and ER. There are also two good shows on Fox ('Til Death and the War at Home), or Ugly Betty (surprisingly entertaining) or Smallville. The next day is Friday and that means back to Law & Order (regular). Saturday is a day of rest as well, being as that the only thing on television is Cops (how many times can you watch the same people running from cops). During the whole week of television, I'm only angry when American Idol is on, how can three non-talented idiots judge talent. And the saving grace for most of the week (Monday thru Thursday) is the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, the funniest yet most honest "news" shows on television. Most of the time I watch either Anderson Cooper 360, Hardball with Chris Matthews or the DIY network (even though I don't 'do anything myself'). I hope as we get into this new year, the politicians that were elected can do something about the drunk driver in the car, I hope that rappers can actually become emcees, and I hope that program directors start getting fired (especially at BET). And, since I haven't did this in a while, I'm tired of seeing Diddy on television selling ProActiv. I didn't realize that you had sexy in need of preserving in the first place, and it's lewd to moisturize your situation in public. On an ending note, one question, will you be the downfall or the upliftment of society as we know it?

Peace, I mean WAR!

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