Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life is a movie, not living by rules!

I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back. I got a new zip code and a new front stoop, but I'm still Far Rockaway Rah Rah 'til I sit on a stoop up there in Jannah next to Isa and Musa. I have to postpone the coming of a Rock Diggie movement (moving is stressful). But I want everybody to be on the lookout for me and my folks doing some big things (Jay, it's time to W.I.N.). Like that dude Cavalier said on "Dionne" (second video on my profile), "Roll that shit up, it's the last stop on the 'Smoke Them Troubles Away Tour'...". That's how I'm feeling right now, I'm at that turning point in my life. Nas said on "Life's a Bitch", "..I'm quarter of my life...". Well I'm twenty-five now (and I plan to live pass eighty, at least one hundred), I'm going to call that a quarter of my life. This is the second quarter of the game, I'm looking to get a good lead and push hard through the third quarter, so when I reach that fourth quarter I can put my feet up and ride the bench. I'm not going to say I wasted a quarter of my life, I had some good experiences. I'm going to say I'm just a couple of points behind the other team (whoever that is). I know some smart ass out there in my group of friends is going to say "that life is a game where you play against yourself, so at the end of the game you win anyway you play" (I call bullshit on that one). I'm going to play life like a game and at the end nobody will compare me to the New York Knicks. Like the title of this entry and Kanye and Jay-Z said, "Life is a movie", the opening credits have been viewed, you've met the main characters, now it's time for the real action (Big Bro, we going for Die Hard or Action Jackson stunts). When the roll the credits on my life, I want everybody to stand up and clap, like they at a white movie theatre (why do white folks do that anyway, the director and producers aren't present).

Peace, I mean WAR!

P.S.- Check out the soundtrack to the movie of my life also on my blog.

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