Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What is your life really worth?

So I'm watching my homeboy Anderson Cooper, and a story about a baby that was just born comes on. This baby was "special" because he "survived" Hurricane Katrina. I put survived in quotations for one reason, Katrina was sixteen months ago and the baby was born on January 16th. Now ask yourself, how is this baby a Katrina survivor? The answer is that eggs for in vitro fertilization were saved by state police in New Orleans during Katrina. Now you are probably asking yourself, what makes this story important to me? The answer to this question is simple, twelve months after Katrina, bodies were still being found, sixteen months later, people are still homeless or without gas and water. During Katrina, news flashes showed people standing on roofs and swimming through poisonous water getting no form of aid (while President Bush did what exactly?). The staff of the fertilization center received aid from state police saving these eggs, yet the residents of the 9th Ward received no aid. My theory is that the price of in vitro fertilization is a few thousand (which most of the refugees could not afford) and they were already promised to people, so they had a value to them. But the residents of the 9th Ward and other neighborhoods weren't worth as much as the frozen eggs. I don't really have an opinion about if a life starts as an egg or at conception or at birth, my concern is why one life is worth more than another. On a parallel statement, there was another story about payment for families of Iraqi civilians killed during this debacle called a war. Iraqi civilian casualties are not tallied by the Pentagon, so they pay whatever families they want. They were funded to give families up to $2500 for losing their love ones (that's more than some Katrina victims and U.S. soldiers' families), even though not many, if any, got that. So I ask, who determines whose life is more valuable? Most American prisoners live better than most American soldiers. The question is, what is your life worth? .

Peace, I mean WAR!

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