Friday, January 12, 2007

Help me Wanda, help, help me Wanda! - Parrish of EPMD

I was watching 106 and Park yesterday (sorry Big Bro, relapsed again), and I realized that the youth ofAmerica is most likely brain-dead. I'm going to start with the "personalities" that BET chose to steer this train wreck, Rocsi and Terrence J. These scholars should be hosting Hardball or Terrence J 360 (niglets, turn the channel once and a while); sense the sarcasm. They bring out a guest and proceed to jerk off the guest like a $10 hooker up in the South Bronx. They also have a creepy thing they do with each other, it's like an almost flirting thing, which is sickening. Now for the "livest audience", these niglets should be in school learning something besides why Omarion has an icebox where his heart used to be. They seem so enthused to see the same whack videos everyday. Then there's "Wild Out Wednesday", and "Freestyle Friday" (they should have "Tasteless Tuesday" and "Tacky Thursday"), the worst possible displays of dancing and rapping can be witnessed on these two days, respectively. 106 and Park isn't even the worst show on BET, you have The Center (I have a strong hatred for Julissa, even though I'd give her the bidness), The Black Carpet (niggas don't have high class gatherings), College Hill (blatant Real World rip-off), Hotwyred (that dude, Lamorne is corny as hell), they have the artist themed shows, like Lil Kim, DMX, and Keisha Cole, and then they have the Beef series (making niglets into ignorant niggas). Don't even get me started on the lack of programming on Sunday, they have televised church all day long (I'm an angry Muslim, I hate church). The highest quality show on BET is Rap City, once they find a host for it, it might actually be a good show. It is a shame that this is what we have as "Black Entertainment" (TV One, is just a series of unsuccessful black shows and Good Times and Amen). Another channel that annoys me is MTV, if its "Music Television", where is the damn music. Real World and Real World/Road Rules Duel are the worst pieces of trash on television. I won't even comment on My Super Sweet Sixteen (I hate rich kids so much) or True Life (they ran out of good topics). The only shows I watch on MTV is Rob & Big (it's pretty entertaining) and Wonder Showzen (the greatest kids show ever made next to Reading Rainbow and Lambchops). In closing, niglets do me and the future a favor and change the channel to CNN, Fox News or MSNBC for just an hour a day (you might learn something besides that Ciara promises). Come on niglets, smoke a blunt and watch The History Channel, A&E Biography, or one of the many Discovery channels (that's what people my age due during slow weeks).

Peace, I mean WAR!

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