Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rock 6:59

I worked retail for the holiday season to get a little extra scrilla, and I watch the niglets in my hood, and it disgusted me. Why is every little niglet dressing like Jim Jones and Lil Wayne? What's with the tight long sleeve tee's and long johns and the colorful oversized hoodies? What's the deal with the wallet chains with no money in the wallet? Ed Hardy is some of the ugliest clothing ever made! I couldn't even walk in the "urban" section. Akademiks (it's ironic that academics is a word linked to education and they can't even spell it right) is outrageous with their name written across the ass of the jeans. ENYCE ( is it pronounced "en-each-ee" or "n-y-c") has their name sprawled across their clothing also. Then you have Rocawear, Sean John, LRG, Coogi, etc, and they all look the same. Why would anybody want to be a billboard for any company is boggling to me (I say that even though all my shirts have a little polo player on them)? How do these niglets buy pants without knowing their waist size, they obviously don't know what a waist is, they can't where their pants on it (I sound like an old person). It just irks me to see these kids imitating these idiot rappers. At least imitate somebody with real deep pockets like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or the Walton family (read a magazine besides XXL or The Source niglets). Lil Wayne and Jim Jones will never be in Forbes (my dudes Hova and 50 were). When your favorite rappers talk about money, they are speaking about something they don't know about either. In the words of TLC, "don't go chasing waterfalls", that rapper you idolize isn't going to grab your hand when you're falling off the edge.

Peace, I mean WAR!

P.S.- Jay-Z lyric is needed to end this entry - "....Fortune Five, top five in the Forbes, you'll see / as you thumb through the Source, I read the Robb Report...."

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