Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tomorrow may never show up, for you and me this life is not promised!

Television, considered one of the twentieth century's greatest inventions, until now. I watch a lot of television, a lot. But lately I've been disgusted with the selection that I've been given to choose from. The most disgusting, yet entertaining television is on VH1, its called "Celebreality". There's the "Surreal Life", "Hogan Knows Best", "Shooting Sizemore", "I Love New York" and "The White Rapper Show". The "Surreal Life" is a group of, at best C-Listers, competing for money (very sad crap). "Hogan Knows Best" follows around wrestler Hulk Hogan and family. "Shooting Sizemore" is like "Breaking Bonaduce" only with Tom Sizemore as the nutty actor (not as psycho as Bonaduce). "I Love New York" has the two time loser from "Flavor of Love" searching for true love. "The White Rapper Show" is a showcase of the worst Caucasian rappers VH1 could find (it also has two Far Rock representatives, Persia and MC Serch). These shows are all idiotic displays of a lack of talent, but are still entertaining. For shows that are completely idiotic with no entertainment value, turn to MTV. They have "My Super Sweet Sixteen", "The Hills", "Maui Fever", "Dance Life" and "Engaged & Underage". "My Super Sweet Sixteen", "The Hills" and "Maui Fever" are all about retarded rich kids partying. "Dance Life" is Jennifer Lopez's newest attempt at becoming a bona-fide star. And "Engaged & Underage" is about two heavily Christian young adults about to get married (where's the entertainment in that). MTV has the worst programming on TV next to BET (read my blog entry on that crappy station too). While writing this, I realized what all the channels I hate have in common, Viacom (except Comedy Central, they have Colbert). I turned to Nickelodeon to test my theory, and I came back with more brain damage. From "Zoey 101" with Britney Spears sister to "Sponge Bob Squarepants", there's bad acting and cartoons full of idiocy. As I watched the Viacom stations, I could feel myself getting dumber. With the youth of today watching these channels, I really fear the future. What is in store for us when the government is controlled by viewers of "106 & Park"? What will happen to this great nation when the power is turned over from coke-heads and given to meth addicts and pill poppers? What can the future hold when most of the youth of America cares more about a spoiled brats Sweet Sixteen than what President Bush is doing to the world we live in? It is said that you are what you eat, I say that you are what you watch! And if you're watching "Jackass", that would make you a jackass! I suggest the children start watching The Discovery, Learning and History channels, discover and learn something about history. I hope that the saying, "everything is greater, later", is actually true, because as of now I see a very bleak future coming our way.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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