Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Natural Born Killers!

Why do people act surprised when they hear racism, sexism, ageism and other forms of discrimination? Do people actually believe that discrimination died? Is it a widely believed theory that after the civil rights movement, prejudices left the American mentality? My theory is that racist became better racist, they hate you when they are not around you. But if they are pushed to show their true self, they will release that inner hater (Kramer from Seinfeld for example, or Mel Gibson). It's only so long that a person can put on an act, they'll soon run out of politically correct script. I find equality quotas (such as Affirmative Action) racist as well. They give a job, loan, scholarship, etc. to a "token" minority because of a quota. This minority may or may not be qualified, they are usually just given that position to fill a quota. So when they ask your race on an application, leave it blank, they just want to fill that quota. I personally like up-front racism, if you don't like me because I'm black, tell me, I won't feel any animosity towards you, we can even be friends. I hate a person that says they're not racist, and when you ask how many black friends they have, they tell you "six". My rule is if you count your friends and divide them by race, you're racist. I couldn't tell you how many white, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc. friends I have (I only have black friends, just kidding), I don't count my friends to maintain a quota. My friend Jay (#2 on my friend list) and I tried to get an apartment last year. The manager of the property kept asking Jay was he a Puerto Rican (he's Italian, if you really care). And since I wasn't present, he asked Jay what ethnicity I was (I'm black if you haven't seen my pics). The manager never returned our calls. See, I've faced racism and my "white" friend faced racism (because he thought he was a Puerto Rican). But I thought hate that manager, I respect him for not throwing out his beliefs for this "pussified" America, that cries whenever they're called a "nigger", a "spic", a "guinea, "wop", "sand monkey or nigger", a "wetback", a "frost-back", "chink", "gook", a "rice nigger". "buffalo nigger" (Filipinos, look it up), "spud niggers" (Irish, you can add nigger to anything), "dago", "heeb", "hymie", "taco nigger" (damn, nigger is so versatile), "beaner, etc.. hey, don't get mad at me, I didn't invent these terms (I just use them occasionally). The worse thing about racism is that people of certain ethnic groups use these terms amongst themselves like its okay. Black people call each other "nigga", supposedly the "a" ending is different than the "er" ending. Puerto Ricans refer to each other as "spic" when they are not in the company of outsiders (outsiders means white people). My Italian friend call each other "guinea", "wop", "dago", and "guido". I know Mexicans that call each other "wetback" and "beaner". When we disrespect each other by using these terms, we invite outsiders (white people, again) to use these terms. Hey, I use the term "nigga" more than probably anybody in the world (besides Michael Richards from Seinfeld or the late Strom Thurmond), even I am trying to curb my usage. We can't expect racism to disappear overnight (or ever), but when we use these terms in each other the racist are laughing at how stupid we look and how much more smarter we make them feel. I just ask if you're going to hate, hate for a good reason. Hate me because I stole your girlfriend, or I killed your cat, or I sent your son to die in Iraq for no apparent reason, or I made an album titled "Press Play" that makes you want to press stop (I missed hating Diddy). Hate is too strong an idea to be controlled by the weak-minded of society. Lets take the hate out of the hands of the trailer park trash, the project welfare recipients, the county bumpkins in the hills, the rednecks in the valleys, the family of twelve living in a two bedroom apartment, and put it back in the hands of Rock Diggie the great. Hate is good all the time, and all the time hate is good. Hate is very intoxicating, hate responsibly.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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