Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who's House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks and folkettes, how was your Election Day, I hope very eventful like mine. Out here in the great state of New York, Democrats pulled off a sweeping landslide. Now' I'm not a Democrat or a Republican (I hate all politicians), I'm just happy to see a change (which isn't going to change anything). And I wake up this morning to the announcement that Rumsfeld resigned (damn, I just resigned from government duty too). So as a result of democracy in action on November 7th, America still has a incompetent driver behind the wheel. And this drunk is not going to give up the keys for another two years (vehicular manslaughter has already been committed thousands of times). But here's what I learned on Election Day, if you just vote straight down the row, you can't go wrong. Alright, I'm done with the political crap, now to the more important topic. There is only two Tuesday's left until "Kingdom Come", I don't know about everybody else but I want it now (especially since The Game comes out next Tuesday, speaking of gay dudes wearing red...). I've listen to a couple tracks off of Baby and Lil Wayne's album and I've realized that all the gay talk is probably true. I mean these dudes were kissing each other on 106 and Park just last year. Now they have this picture out on the internet, with Baby cradling Wayne's neck as the embrace for a kiss (even mobsters never do that). I have nothing against homosexuals, I have something against hypocrites. Rappers and republicans are always slamming homosexuality, yet they are always seen in some sort of homosexual scene. Be who you are, in and out of your house or don't have a public persona. I'm going to leave this one short, because I've got some television to catch up on. But I'll leave you with this last thought, if Britney and Kevin & Whitney and Bobby can't make, how are we supposed to?

Peace, I mean WAR!

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