Monday, November 13, 2006

From behind my giant robot's eyes!

I had a dream the other night, not a dream, a vision. It was a vision of things to come, a vision of the end of times. I can sense a revolution starting, a rebellion of some sorts brewing throughout the world. The vision began with a child being born, this child was surrounded by vast wealth and power. The child was bred to become the leader of the world, he attended prestigious academic institutions (doing not so well there). He was given control of small companies so that he could develop leadership skills (doing not so well there). The next move to prepare the child was to make him the governor of an established land. As governor, he put some of the plebeian peoples of his land to death under the lands archaic death penalty. That was the beginning of the vision, I call that part "Dubya : The Phantom Menace". The child reigned as governor of the evil land for nearly six years. After his term as governor, he and his evil syndicate began their plans for complete domination. With the congress already controlled by their political party, it was easy for the take over to began. The dark side then began their evil rise to power, first stealing control of the executive branch of the government, then installing associates inside the judicial. The dark side now had control of the entire government and the land. They started orchestrating a war on "terror", and started a war in Iraq against the "axis of Evil". With the introduction of the Patriot Act, wire tapping of communication became a topic, so I've called this part "Dubya : Attack on the Phones". With 2004 right around the corner, came elections. I'm going to skip all that went on in this part of the vision, I just call it "Dubya : Revenge of the Shit". So the wars continued, the evil empire reigned until November 2006. The evil empire was broken up by the "rebel forces" of the Democratic Party. I've named this part "Dubya : The New Hope". With the democrats assuming power of the congress, then the most logical next part is going to be "Dubya : The Empire Strikes Back". And after the empire unleashes its plans upon the people of the world, there must finally be a revolution, a rebellion of some sorts. The only question left unanswered by my vision was, who will be the hero's in the final chapter of this story? "Dubya : Return of the ?".

Peace, I mean WAR!

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