Monday, November 06, 2006

The Downfall of Society!!!!

I just stumbled upon something walking around my hood today. Gay people are getting younger and younger each day. I have nothing against homosexuals, I have something against lazy children. During my youth, if a young boy was just a little feminine, he was ridiculed everyday in school. It taught him to be a tougher gay man (a homo-thug, if you will). Not in these days and times when there is the Harvey Milk School in New York City (it's to teach homosexual children they are the same by treating them different). I must repeat, I have nothing against gay people, it's all about lazy children. This Halloween, I had trick or treater's walk up to my door without costumes. In my youth, even the poorest family in town made ghost out of old bed sheets. At first I refused to give candy to children without costumes, but then I realized it wasn't there fault at all. I blame the parents for everything that goes on in this world with their children. Parents sue the schools because their kid was getting bullied. Children are stuck to their mothers nipples well into their teenage years, and that sort of child rearing is deteriorating society. When homosexual kids gets teased in school, the parent should tell them to go to school and stand up for themselves, not move them to a special school. If the black people during the civil rights movement didn't fight for their rights, where would black people be today (we're right back where we started, but that I will get into later). How do people expect their children to clean up the mess that their parents made, when the children have been so "pussified". Yes, I said "pussified", decades ago, people were getting sprayed with high power hoses and mauled by dogs. The generation that has just became adults cry at paper cuts. We must stop the further "pussification" of our society. Teach your children to go out and be a bully (like Barbara Bush taught her children), teach them to stand up for themselves (without lawsuits), and teach them to be hard (not soft and damp, e.g. "pussified"). Back in the days, people hid anything that kept them from seeming weak. They lived a life in the view of the public that was directly opposite of their life at home. But nowadays, Republican Senators that bash gay people have been coming out as gay people (how ironic). People kept their stealing, philandering, sodomizing, pedophiliac, murdering, victimizing ideals that they practice at home where they belonged, at home. We can't all have open closets, where's the mystery in that. We need to all teach our children that its okay to fit into the status quo. Teach them its okay to stand for something as long as you're man enough to die for it (like those crazy Islamic extremist). Individuality is good sometimes, but most of the time individuality leaves you in the middle of the dance floor dancing by yourself. It's good sometimes to roll with that Grand Ol' Party (Tuesday November 7th isn't one of those times). If you're reading this and you agree, then you probably have a little secret you're hiding. If you're reading this and you don't agree, then your friends think that your a self righteous flaming queer or a Democrat. Either way, I don't care what your kids do (as long as they don't do it on my lawn), I don't care what you do and I damn sure don't care what you say. Like the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, some wipe from the front to the back, others are sick and disgusting!

Peace, I mean WAR!(Vote And Die! Diddy says so)

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