Sunday, November 19, 2006

Digital Bullet!

"Hip-Hop is Dead" will be coming out in a month, so I am in some what of a good mood. I've been in that good mood since Jay-Z announced he will make a return like Kal-El in "Kingdom Come". Then my mood just elevated completely to a new high like Raekwon on dust in ninety-four. I've heard that Ghostface Killah will be releasing "More Fish" in "Digz-ember". What else can I expect to come in this final quarter of 2006? Oh yeah, Eminem is dropping the "Re-Up" (I expect the whole album to be as good as the first single). I'm feeling a good wave coming, like the tsunami in "The Abyss". I'm not going to assume this is the comeback of New York everybody is waiting for. In the first two quarters of next year, "Cuban Linx 2" is suppose to be dropping, "Graduation 2007" will commence, "T.I. vs. TIP" will be a great fight, Saigon will finally drop, Common will be "Finding Forever", and hopefully the "Detox" will finally occur. It should be a very eventful first half of 2007. And to all my loyal fans (me, myself and I, at this moment), I'm going to be in the studio putting together my debut "Toyz For Gunz". My cousin is also working on his stuff (if you like that gangsta shit, go to "The Block Burnaz"). I'm also working on some stuff with some friends, its called "Orange Jumpsuits on Side of Highways" , its a little "alternative rap" (whatever that means). Start checking out that MySpace page in January for the music (we still working on it). Just support good music (and I don't mean Kanye), support whatever puts you in that good mood. And remember "Digz-ember" 2nd is right around the corner, I expect gifts!.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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