Thursday, September 25, 2008

When the scene unfolds!!!!!!

Oscar Wilde coined the aphorism, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." I was watching "Fox and Friends" this morning and it had me thinking about Wilde's statement. As I watched the ongoing reports on the dwindling economy, I saw a parallel in current events and films. My brother and I grew up as film junkies (I guess because our pops brought crazy bootlegs), so I've learned to love the moving image. Some of my favorite types of films are dystopian films, political thrillers, and psychological science fiction. Maybe it's because I'm skeptical about politics, maybe the weed cloud I grew up in has me in a permanent state of paranoia, or maybe I just mistrust anyone with power. So, as I was scanning the guide on the DirecTV, I saw "Live Free or Die Hard", and it had me examining the plan they had to overthrow the government.

How do you actually go about overthrowing the government without making too many people suspicious? Well here's my plot outline for Hollywood.

The first thing you have to do is infiltrate the infrastructure, the best way to break down an organization is from the inside (word to Sun Tzu). I guess in America you would try to go about this by getting elected into some public office and working your way up the ladder. Then you have to find a way to limit the ability for the infrastructure to fight back. Once you're in the position of power you put your allies into positions to aid you in the ultimate goal. After laying your plans, it's time for you to start attacking. Just like in "Live Free or Die Hard", you have to start breaking down societal systems. The systems include defense, finance, and energy. I would start with defense, by starting a war, you weaken the military. With the military preoccupied, they are unable to protect the homeland, making it easier for you to take-over. The war also keeps the public distracted and unaware of your ultimate goals. Your next step would be to soften the finance system of the government. Give major companies aid in moving their operations to other locations, limiting available jobs. With a job shortage, unemployment will rise, homelessness will follow (making the entire country Detroit). Without commerce, companies will start to fall, which will be followed by a dwindling stock market. The final system would be energy, a major need in any country. You could create an energy crisis, it doesn't have to be real, just use speculation to say that the crisis will happen. With the horrible financial situation, you can just raise energy prices to a point where nobody can afford it. When questions arise about the defense problem, blame it on an cabalistic enemy. When questions come up concerning the financial crisis, you can always call it a downward trend, that will eventually turn around or a result of acts by the cabalistic enemy. To quiet questions about the energy crisis, you can blame it on citizens' overuse of resources, creating a cloud of guilt as a distraction or a result of acts by the cabalistic enemy (cabalistic enemy is a must-have). With the breakdown of the defenses, people won't have protection from crime and other problems that a military is needed for. The financial and energy crises will have a direct affect on food, housing, etc.. You have accomplished your mission of destroying the infrastructure, good job!

With people scared and hopeless, they will start begging for help. Who will save them? You! With a breakdown in the basic structure of society, it is necessary to find some order. How is that accomplished? Two words, martial law! I'm sorry, around here they call it a "state of emergency". Throw out the rules, remove the normal freedoms, you are now the supreme commander and chief. Get rid of elections, don't worry about oppositions, ship them to a detainment center for terrorist. Have fun, you're the man! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Photobucket Follow the steps above and this could be you!

Remember the world is Diggie. Even the "Ladybug" told you this was a Diggie-ble Planet. I'm cool like that!

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Scary 'cause it's true