Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Fuck Tomorrow Motto!

Been watching the BET special, "Hip Hop vs. America"(shouldn't it be the other way around, since Hip Hop is on trial), and I actually enjoyed it. Now, I'm against the entire BET infrastructure most of the time(word to Adrianne Curry), because of it's hypocrisy. One minute, they'll have a special on "Rap City" with Jeff Johnson and in the next minute, buffoonery on "106 & Park". But back to the special, it was pretty decent, especially my favorite comment from the "KING", T.I., "We gonna be out of business, pretty much, if we put a bunch of school teachers in suit jackets and long skirts in our videos. And BET say, what is this, we can't play this. Then what we gonna do?". My second favorite professor(Cornel West is my favorite), Michael Eric Dyson did his thing; that man has a way with words, describing Melyssa Ford as "ebony ecstasy in furled in coffee flesh". Nelly, even though he isn't the most intelligent or well-spoken person, did make some excellent points about a woman's choice to show off her butt in a music video. He said that people make choices and sacrifice to meet success. I have a greater respect for Nelly, because he stood his ground against those that consider themselves intellectuals, such as Stanley Crouch. My man, Jeff Johnson aka Cousin Jeff made an excellent point on societies views on women, such as the Christian church and the Civil Rights Movement. The thing I disliked the most about the special was Toure(I hate that guys whole aura), he is totally unnecessary to Hip Hop culture. Another thing I found strange about this special was it's timing, it talked about the misogyny, violence and vileness of Hip Hop music, yet the top selling Hip Hop albums this year have been Common, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West. Throughout the whole thing, Nelly kept bringing up the word "choice", which I have always said is the answer to any socially charged question. Author, Nelson George said, "Crime is as American as apple pie", which I agree with, since America stole this land(and apple pie too). Crime is a major part of Hip Hop culture, since Hip Hop culture was started in the crime laden South Bronx. So to actually understand the pathology of Gangster Rap, you have to understand the pathology of America, which was supposedly discovered by a criminal, Christopher Columbus. The only part that I didn't like about the whole special, was the segment about White people's view of Hip Hop culture. I could give a fuck about how White people see me(no offense to my cuzo, Jay), I could give a fuck about how anybody sees me. I feel that I, just like Hip Hop, am who I am, deal with me or don't, view me how you will, but I will not change. But during that segment, Rev. Al Sharpton made an excellent statement about Hip Hop and famous black people emulating White America. I don't really want to write about the entire special, so just watch it and enjoy my boy T.I..

On a personal note, I used the words nigga, bitch, hoe, etc. Your actions determine your label, we all judge, no matter how much we protest that we don't, we all judge. It's human nature to be prejudice, we all use terms towards other persons. If a woman is very promiscuous, we call her a slut. If a man is very unintelligent, we call him stupid. I use these terms, but I don't discriminate with my judgements. If a woman or a man has a bitchy attitude, she or he is a bitch. If a man or woman is promiscuous, he or she is a hoe. I think that the world is overly sensitive, call me what you want, at the end of the day, I'm still superior to you!

Peace, I mean WAR!

Oh, and fuck Superhead aka Karrine Steffans!

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