Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funeral Music aka Hi Mr. Toilet, I'm the shit!

And today, when I reached home from work, I checked the hip-hop blogs for the latest news. Can you imagine the joy I felt when I learned that BET will be showing a meeting between 50 Cent and Jim Jones on Monday. For all the people reading this that are not avid followers of Hip-Hop music, 50 Cent has(had) beef with Cam'ron, who is(was) the head of the Diplomats, also know as Dip Set, a group which Jim Jones is a member of. Let me replay the story for you. 50 Cent was at New York's Hot 97, doing an interview, where he called Koch a graveyard. Cam'ron and Koch's owner Michael Koch called the radio station to dispute 50 Cent's graveyard comment. 50 Cent, nee Curtis Jackson, maintained his composure, while Cam'ron, nee Cameron Giles, began to unravel and start to yell Curtisss, over and over. 50 didn't respond to Cam's immature acts at that moment, but instead went to the studio and created a diss track and video entitled "Funeral Music". The next day, Cam responded with a song and video entitled "Cuurtis", then later "Cuurtis Part 2". Then 50 Cent responded with Young Buck's "Hold On". From there the beef sort of died down, with 50 Cent sending a few jabs towards Cam on some G Unit mixtapes, and Cam surprisingly quiet. Everybody seemed to forget about the whole beef, until Cam'ron resurfaced(after getting punched in the eye by Tru-Life), doing an interview on 60 Minutes defending the "Stop Snitching Movement" and with a new video warning 50 Cent of his coming demise. 50 Cent gave his response to Hot 97's Miss Info(I'll show Minya Oh my "oh face"!). After that, Cam practically fell off of the map. But 50 took time out of his busy schedule to comment on Cam's video, again, on G Unit's "We On Some Shit", saying "Other nigga sending tapes, talking bout he gonna be back in June. It's gonna be a hot summer, nigga it's almost August!"(and a nice jab at Fat Joe / shout out to Remy Ma). Oh, and did I forget the whole "Jim Jones kicking Cam out of Dip Set Rumor". Jim Jones and Cam'ron had a little falling out back in April / May. So, anyway, let me tell everyone why I'm so happy about the 50 Cent and Jim Jones meeting. This meeting is a sign that Cam'ron's career has came to an end(thank God!). The popular saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", but what happens when the friend of your enemy is your friend? That's the predicament that Cam'ron is currently in. I think that he would've been fine if he would've never fucked with Jay-Z. I know, you ask, what does Jay-Z have to do with this beef? Well, if you check 50 Cent's beef record and compare it to Jay-Z's, you find 50 just went after Jay's enemies. 50's first beef was with Ja Rule, who Jay had a falling out with. Curtis had beef with Nas, who had a famous rivalry with Shawn Carter too. These artist include Fat Joe, who beefed with Jay-Z through Big Pun, The Game, who said "fuck Jay-Z" on stage and had to be disciplined by 50, and Jadakiss, who had beef(fake beef) with Beanie Sigel. 50 Cent once said that he blamed Jay-Z for all his beef because Jay-Z let these "little niggas get out of their zone", and I agree. So just like 50 ended Ja Rule's career("Uh-Oh" played for two weeks and only cause Lil Wayne was on it), Fat Joe's career(not really, he never had one), and The Game's career(yeah, 50 wrote the first album), he has ended Cam'ron's career. Now, I mentioned Lil Wayne earlier, 50 Cent took a couple jabs at Weezy F. Baby(what does the F stand for anyway?) on a track entitled "Part-Time Lover", where he says "You make me wanna kiss you, like Baby do Wayne. And make you call me daddy, like Baby do Wayne.", which came after 50 called Lil Wayne a "rap whore" during an interview. As I think back, Lil Wayne tooks a jab at Jay-Z before, saying that Jay was old and needed to step aside for him. So, I'm hoping that Lil Wayne comes out his face sideways at Curtis, so 50 can destroy Dwayne Carter's 12 year career(12 years, and he's just now getting good at rapping? Remember "wobbly, wobbly"?) On a side note, since it's close to september 11th, the day 50 Cent and Kanye West face off(and Kenny Chesney outsells them both!), I just want everybody to say "fuck the big names" and support my cuz, Spider Loc.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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