Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

So the other day at work, I became enthralled in a conversation about religious beliefs and the Bible's authorship. I've been in this same dialogue before, a religious person would say that the Bible is written by GOD. I'd ask, why if GOD is infallible, does his written work have contradictions. The religious person would then say, because it was written by "men", to which I'd say, that was my point. To that, they'd say that GOD gave the multiple authors the words to right, which leads back to my opening question. Or I'd get the whole, the Bible is less literal and more metaphorical. Then I'd say, why is Jesus so important if he was a metaphor and not real. I'd receive the answer that, Jesus is real and is the son of God. The only answer I'd have for that is "the metaphorical son or literal son". My brother once told me that arguments in beliefs like religion or politics never end, because each side is going to stay on there side(or something like that). And it's true, because beliefs are based on hoping, not knowing, like science. In science, a set of theories are put down for questioning, the theories are then tested, if proven, the theory becomes a law. Theories are ideas based on actual things. With belief, a set of ideas are set down, the ideas are not tested or proven, they are just taken as true or false based on peoples appeal towards it. As a fan of actual facts, I sometimes try to dispute belief, with science. I try to use the "chain rule" a lot. For example, if GOD is infallible, and the Bible has contradictions, then GOD is in fact, imperfect, making the Bible fictitious[because it says that GOD is perfect], making GOD apocryphal. Or, if GOD is the supreme being, and is control of everything in existence, why does he let men commit so much malfeasance, why does GOD not stop man? They'd respond with, Jesus died for our sins or Judgement Day is coming. There's so many reasons to not believe in the divine authorship of the Bible, like dinosaurs, the age of the planet Earth, the chronology of Biblical stories, and the contradictory laws and stories in the Bible. I've read the Bible, as well as mythological stories from Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Sumeria and Scandinavia. The Bible, which was published around the 5th century, B.C.E., was just plagiarized pieces of other mythological stories. The Sumerians have a flood story, a human creation story(the same clay one), and a rebel God(just change to angel, and you've got Satan). In Ancient Egyptian mythology, they have the God-child of the chief God(Osiris / Jesus), and his evil counterpart(Set / Satan), Osiris sacrifices his life for the other Gods, and will be king in the afterlife(sound familiar?). Roman, Greek and Norse myths all have the "extraordinary son of God" story, from the Greek Perseus, the Roman Hercules, and the Norse Thor. These are just some of the minor things that question the authorship of the Bible. I have no problem with people believing in the Bible, just believe in it fully. Don't take it literal for one subject(not cursing), and then allegorical for another(stoning your disobedient child). Like I've said before, the Bible is just as much fantasy as Harry Potter. And the Quran, with Muhammad's flying horse(Pegasus), and basically every story from the Bible, is also plagiarism too.

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Peace, I mean WAR!

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littlelazer said...

you make some good points, but your brother is right of course. You cant win an argument with facts and logic against someone that is operating on belief or faith. You won't convnce them, just frustrate yourself.

Anonymous said...

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kristan said...

early christian doctrine preached a belief in reincarnation. but when the church gained in power and corrupt clergy needed a reason people who take vows of poverty should live in opulence while the majority of the world and their "flock" lived in abject misery and total poverty, they came up with the idea of "heaven." you'll get yours later, in the "AFTER life," not your ACTUAL life, thats for people like me. people with POWER. this way they could continue to exploit the beliefs of the people, who living in a cruel and uncaring world, created the image of a "GOD" to make them feel better. it's scary to think that this is all their is, that nothing happens for a reason, that for the most part out lot in life is a lottery. so we pray to imaginary "gods" while real people with imaginary titles tell us what to believe, think and do. the bible says "worship only one god" and worshiping multiple gods is sacreligious (nothing to do with faith, all to do with control. worship only my god, listen only to me, give only to my church), but then god is god, the wholly spirit and jesus. so god's son is a god, but there is only one god? it's all BS. cultivate your own relationship with whatever power you want to place above yourself. but stay the f@ck out of churches, synagogues, mosques and temples of all sorts. and beware anyone who tells you what to believe in.