Monday, September 03, 2007

The Countdown, Finale!

1. Batman aka Bruce Wayne - And in my #1 spot, Batman aka Bruce Wayne, the orphaned billionaire that becomes a costumed hero. Well, Batman is actually considered an anti-hero, just like Wolverine(and the best at what he does, like Wolverine). As a child, young Bruce witnessed the murder of his parents. This event leads Bruce to train himself to physical and mental perfection. He decides to don a costume designed to look like a bat, a childhood fear of his, and patrol Gotham City at night. As the Batman, Bruce uses his billions to build an arsenal of weapons and vehicles(all with the prefix Bat), that enable him to fight crime. Unlike other superheroes, Batman has no super-powers, so he relies on his intelligence and ingenious devices. Throughout the years, Batman has gone through various incarnations, from a campy detective to the vicious "Dark Knight", but he always remained an impressive hero. The modern "Dark Knight" Batman is a loner among the rest of the superhero community, a vigilante, and a overly aggressive crime-fighter. Even when he is paralyzed by Bane and replaced by a more violent and intense, Azreal, a semi-healed Bruce returns to defeat Azreal and re assume his mantle. Batman is also a co-founder of the Justice League, and the self appointed watcher of the other heroes. He grew distrustful of the rest of the superhero community when Zatanna edited Batman's memories to hide a secret between a few Justice League members. He then creates a satellite surveillance system, call Brother I, to watch over the superheroes that watch over mankind. When Brother I, renamed Brother Eye, goes renegade, at the orders of Maxwell Lord(who is killed by Wonder Woman), Batman leads the rest of the superheroes up against Brother Eye and its master, Alexander Luther Jr.. Currently, Batman is rebuilding the Justice League and his "family". Unlike most other heroes, Batman has created his own "family" of heroes(most without super-powers). Batman has trained four different versions of Robin, four different versions of Batgirl, and helped to reform Cat-Woman. Batman is responsible for orchestrating most of the heroic efforts throughout the DC universe(even though Superman gets more credit). Batman is my #1 hero because, even without super-powers, he is one of the greatest fighters in comic books, one of the smartest persons in comics, and the wealthiest ladies-man in comics(Tony Stark has nothing on him). Bruce Wayne works in the grimiest, darkest city in the entire DC universe, Gotham City. While Superman is in his clean Metropolis, fighting white-collar criminal, Lex Luthor, Batman is in the grime, defeating the craziest villains in comics. Batman leaves his mansion every night, to fight escapees from Arkham Asylum, a mental institution. Captain America was enhanced by the government to fight crime, Iron Man uses his armor to fight against threats to his way of life(aka his money), Green Lantern fights to keep balance in the universe, the Hulk fights to protect himself, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and Spider-man, all fight to protect their respective homes(and Flash for fame), Wolverine fights to defend himself and mutantkind, but Batman fights for a better reason. Bruce Wayne isn't protecting his wealth, he's not government sanctioned, he's not keeping balance, he doesn't want fame, nor is he just protecting his home, Bruce has an obsession with fighting criminals. Bruce puts his life on the line because he has an obsession with ridding the world of criminals, by any means necessary. Batman has had many movies, from the Micheal Keaton Batman, to the sub par Val Kilmer and George Clooney versions, to the Christian Bale restart. Hopefully, the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, will be excellent. Batman is, in my opinion, the greatest superhero of all time.

Reading is fun to the mental!

Coming soon, the Top Ten Comic Book Villians.

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Kal Thrace said...

Yeah, knew u were gonna pick him. Will comment on this series when i get a spare moment. Glad u r writing.