Monday, September 10, 2007

My Jam is Def, I can't hear you niggas!

I was checking my E-mail earlier today, and I had like twenty friend requests on About eight of them were the fake broads, with the "to see my totally nude pics, click here" banner. The other twelve were aspiring rappers, you know "please listen to my music, nigga". The whole time I've been on, I've only listened to about five rappers that sent me their profile, and I've only liked a total of zero. I have nothing against anyone trying to be a rapper("do you", like Russell Simmons), I'm tired of anyone that can't rap trying to be a rapper. Everybody and their mother is a rapper now(Cam'ron and his mother; see "Confessions of Fire"), when will they realize that the rap game is full. It's like drug dealing, if you have all these people on this one corner, then nobodies moving any of their product. Alright, you have all these dudes that are just copies of other dudes, and when you have one 50 Cent, you don't need two. Anybody that knows rap, knows that everything comes from a few "fore-fathers", Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Biz Markie, and KRS-One(LL Cool J kind of counts too). Rakim is the inspiration for all the backpacker rappers, the Nas's, the "scientific" rappers. Big Daddy Kane is the mold for all the slick talkers, the smooth rappers, the Jay-Z's. Kool G Rap is the blueprint for all that mafioso, drug cartel, gangster rap, the N.O.R.E.'s. Biz Markie is the foundation of the joking, clown rappers, the Redman's and Methodman's. KRS-One is the father of the underground rappers, the "I die for this rap shit", lyrical rappers, the "Hip-Hop is breathing" rappers. And basically LL Cool J is the ladies man, which can be compared to a Nelly. All rappers stem from these rappers, no ideas original. For example, Lil Wayne(a confused dude, if you've been rapping since 13, when were you a drug kingpin?) is an amalgamation of Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, and most recently, KRS-One. He raps about the drugs and hustling, the smooth talk, the ladies, and according to him, most recently, he raps for the "love of Hip-Hop". Let's examine T.I., he's a mixture of Kane, LL and G Rap, and formerly, Rakim. T.I. raps about his hustling career, his way with the ladies, and he used to more lyrical("dumb down for my audience to double my dollars" : Jay-Z). Then there's 50 Cent, whose a mix of G Rap, Kane, and LL, or Kanye West, whose a mixture of Rakim, Kane, and KRS-One. Most of these new rappers don't understand the past, so they don't know that people my age and older have heard it all before, like Sunshine Anderson. So whenever these kids come up to me and start spitting a rhyme, I start thinking about the people he got his technique from. Whenever a kid comes up to me and starts saying "yo, yo, yo" or "I said, I said" or "uh, uh, uh", I automatically stop listening. It's only so many times you can hear the same rhyme, no matter how the words are arranged. There's too many rappers in the world today, pick a new trade. Please, don't come up to me on 42nd Street and try to sell me your homemade CD. Don't send me a friend request on MySpace and don't ask me to listen to your latest rhyme. Most likely, you sound like your favorite rapper, who sounds like his favorite rapper, who sounds like his favorite rapper, and so on, so why listen to you when I can listen to the person that made you. Hey, give up on the rap dream(I did), 106 & Park is a revolving door, ask the Chingy's, the Huey's, the Jibb's, etc.. Unless you have something that is out of this world amazing or sort of different, like Outkast or Kanye, you may only make it to the door, and be pushed right back out. Skip the rap thing and go straight to a liquor brand or a clothing label, they are more lucrative businesses. Why would anybody want to be in an industry that is losing more and more money on a weekly basis(thanks to downloading)? And if you do get a record contract, you'll probably sit on a label waiting for your turn. It may never come, ask Joe Budden, he'll tell you his Jam is Def, but I still can't hear him!

Peace, I mean WAR!

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