Monday, August 27, 2007

Step Into A World, Where There's No One Left!

So I was watching "Tyra"(I'm sorry, world), and it was a special entitled "Focus on Race". Tyra had Saphhyri, from Flavor of Love 2, trying to understand the plight of Muslim Americans in this post-9/11 world. She then had women debating the size of butts depending on race. She had an Aryan family, a Black man that hated being Black, and a Black girl that couldn't relate with other Black people. This had me thinking about my feelings about Black people, well, not really just Black people. Let me break this down further for people not familiar with the dynamics of the Black race, the whole "brown bag" ideology, and the divisions in the Black race. See, like most other races, there are different types within that specific race. Like in the Caucasian race, they have "White Trash" separated from other White people, Latinos' have "Spics" and "Wetbacks" as their version of "White Trash", and so on. But Black people are more divisive, within the Black race, there are African Americans, Blacks, Colored Folk, and my favorite Niggas(or Niggers). African Americans are considered Black people that are focused on the American Dream, those trying to assimilate themselves into the common ideas of American life. African Americans are referred to as "sell-outs" by Niggas. An example of an African American would be Oprah Winfrey. Blacks are those Black people that try to assimilate themselves into the common American Way, but at the same time trying hard to maintain that they aren't "selling-out" by searching for the American Dream. Most Black actors, actresses and politicians are considered Blacks. Colored Folks or Coloreds, as the old people call them, are the Black people that think that they are inferior to Caucasians. Usually referred to as an "Uncle Tom", Colored Folk tend to dislike other Black people, especially Niggas. Colored Folks are referred to as "sell-outs" by Niggas and Blacks alike. An example of a Colored is Alan Keyes or Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks. The last type of Black people are the often seen(and heard from rather loudly) Niggas. Niggas are Black people that are only interested in partying and "chilling", they occasionally search for one part of the American Dream, the money(usually with a half-cocked scheme). Niggas are usually seen embarrassing the entire Black race and setting the Civil Rights Movement back a year or two. Niggas will do anything to be seen and heard, from wearing too much jewelry, to putting over sized rims on their cars, or playing their music way too loud. Niggas are usually seen doing something they shouldn't be doing and using the word "nigga" as a term of endearment (WARNING: Do not call a Nigga a "nigga" unless you are indeed a Nigga.). Niggas are usually referred to as "niggers" by African Americans, Blacks, Coloreds, and just about everybody else. Some examples of Niggas are most rappers, most professional athletes, aspiring rappers/drug dealers, most residents of Housing Projects. The thing that separates Niggas from other types of Black people is the fact that Niggas don't have to be Black. Niggas are usually self destructive and they embody the "crabs in a barrel" notion applied to them. While African Americans and Blacks will aid another Black person in their quest for the American Dream, a Nigga will only help another Black person when it directly benefits them in someway. Within the Black community, even when I was a kid, there have always been arguments about a Black person's "Blackness"(I don't know what scale that's measured on). Like in elementary school, the Black child that over-achieved and excelled, was usually said to be "trying to be White"(most likely by a Nigga). A Black person that enjoys events and commodities that are usually attached to a high social standing, is said to be "saditty" or "bourgie"(which is a shortened version of "bourgeois", which actually means a person whose attitudes and behavior are marked by conformity to the standards and conventions of the middle class). I've been exploring the complexity of the entire Black race, and I've realized that the amount of African Americans are depleting, as well as the Colored Folks(thank God), but the numbers of Niggas are multiplying like cockroaches, thus forcing us into a state of Niggerdom. Niggerdom is defined as "the actions and beliefs pertaining to a Nigger". You have non-Niggas acting very "niggeresque" or "niggerish", depending on your region. The "Niggerosity" has became so overwhelmingly vast, that in 2002, Cambridge University did a study in "Niggerology"(actually a linguistic study in the African American variation on English). While I wrote this I analyzed my friends and their levels of "Niggerosity", I realized that most of my friends are considered Blacks(some of my White friends are considered Niggers). See, most of my friends are searching for that American Dream, but don't want to distance themselves from that Niggerdom that we are so familiar with. I have a few Nigga friends that are Black, for example, I am from a "Niggeropolis"(a town full of Niggas), and all I grew up around was Niggas, all that I knew was "Niggerology", I studied "Niggernomics"(dumb Nigga schemes to make money, that usually fail), but I eventually realized that no Nigga has ever became a successful Nigga by maintaining his high "Niggerosity". Some may say that I am condoning "selling-out" whenever I say that I don't like Niggas and their(or my) "niggerish" actions. Hey, check out these Niggas, or these Niggas, or this Nigga(I could go on forever). I just wanted to get it out there, so you can identify the Nigga and keep African Americans and Blacks from going extinct.

Enjoy this letter by the author Mark Twain(kind-of racist bastard). And then check out the "Nigger owner's manual". And this Consequence video is about his Nigga uncle is pertaining to the subject, I know some of you may relate.

Peace, I mean WAR!


Anonymous said...

The Southwest is running out of water, but Pres. Bush is helping the situation with his surplus of wetbacks! Irv

Kal Thrace said...

sadly, that video has/had the potential to ring true if mom wasn't so gangster in her own right.