Monday, August 13, 2007

He's Either In(sane) or Out (of his mind)!

For a long time (almost eight years), I've been under the impression that President George W. Bush is an idiot. But I've been watching "The Batman" hard and reading back issues of "Batman", and I've decided that President Bush may well be a diabolical madman. See, in the "Batman Universe", the character of the Joker is a "violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement". The Joker first appeared as a "court-jester" type of villian, a corny criminal that failed at numerous attempts to commit acts of evil. This parallels President Bush, in the way that the President was a failure in college and a horrible excuse for a soldier in the Texas National Guard. But as time went on and the Joker got revamped, to become a central figure in the "Batman Universe", he becomes more of a diabolical sociopath. The Joker begans to put more thought in his schemes while still being seen as a "side-show clown". The gags and jokes become a little more adult, and while still maintaining his facade as a prankster. Yet again, this parallels George W. Bush as a businessman and governor of Texas. He still fails at his dealings and policies in his current positions, yet he still seems to have matured into a child of prestige, a son of royalty, and represents his family ties without too much embarassment. Just like the fictional Joker, Governor George W. Bush is a clown prince, a stratigical dummy, the only difference is their respective sides of the law (even though, in my opinion, both are criminals). In the world of DC Comics, the Joker loses his mind, and becomes a complete lunatic, at this time he is at his most cunning. He decieves the entire world into believing he has lost every marble in his bag or that he has completely fell off his metaphorical rocker. The Joker goes on a rampage, he tries to kill, the then president, Lex Luthor, he tricks the rest of the super villian community into doing his bidding, and he steals Mister Mxyzptlk's reality altering powers and changes the world into a crazy caricature of reality. During this whole time, the Joker is believed to be an insane idiot, but eventually it is revealed that the Joker isn't as crazy or dumb as he appears to be. It is later shown that in actuallity, the Joker is a case of a previously unprecedented form of "super-sanity," a form of ultra-sensory perception. In the world that we exist in, George W. Bush, an self-proclaimed "under-acheiver", wins an election that most would say, he didn't actually win. After being given the key to the kingdom, he starts on a path that makes almost everybody in the world see him as an incompetant idiot. Similar to the Joker, he alters reality to fit his need. The actual reasoning for the war in Iraq, the Fight on Terror, have not been found yet. But, President Bush has given numerous reasons, all that have been some sort of distortion on the actual reality. At every press conference or State of the Union, the President has came off as a illiterate, uneducated, near-insane, idiot. But if you actually delve deeper into his two terms as president, he managed to kill an enemy (sort of) of his father, he managed to make billions of dollars for his friends' businesses, give his coherts positions of power, and aid in the destruction of a major city (in the words of Kanye West "George Bush doesn't like black people). For an incoherent, discordant, ignoramus, he has accomplished a numerous amount of deeds for him and his syndicate. Just like the Joker was found out to be a cunning genious in the guise of a psychotic clown, President Bush may well be a cunning genious in the guise of a moronic clown. President George W. Bush may actually be the most diabolical super-villian outside of a comic book, think about.

When I think of our current Commander and Chief, I am reminded of "Enter the Dragon". Remember when Jim Kelly faces Mr. Han on the island, the words still echo in my head, "Man, you come right out of a comic book".

Peace, I mean WAR!


Mercury said...

I feel you Rock. But I like to think of Bush as more The Riddler than the Joker. He says a bunch of shit that you don't really understand until shit starts blowing up. Plus he was a litter more gay.

Cary said...

Well written article.