Tuesday, August 21, 2007

?uestlove, "Game Theory" & "Things Fall Apart"!

I know a few of my fellow Hip-Hop heads saw ?uestlove and the titles of two albums by The Roots and asssumed this entry would pertain to music, sorry, your mistaken. This entry is more or less about the relationship between men and women(the quest for love, get it!), the courting rituals in modern society("Game Theory"), and the desolution of relationships("Things Fall Apart"). Let me take the time out to say that I couldv'e used Black Thought, "Do You Want More?!!!??!", "Rising Down", "Tipping Point" and even "Phrenology"(I love the idea that the shape of a head can determine characteristics), but I couldn't find anyway to use "Illadelph Halflife", "Organix", or Malik B. Anyway, lets get back to our previously scheduled blog post. First, lets start with "Game Theory", or as my Country Killer Cousin, Ricardo, would say, "that G Force". See, every dude with an ounce of confidence believes that he has this mystical energy known as "game". Throughout history, men have always tried to use some sort of ploy or tactic to impress the fairer sex. In Biblical times, the man with the most sheep or cattle could batter his way into a womans life. In the times of Neanderthals, the man that killed the best and was the strongest, won over the women. Even in the animal kingdom, animals such as lions, show off their mane, peacocks show off thier tails, and so on. But as man became more "civilized", he began to shape his "game". It moved away from the best cattle or the most skilled hunter, and "game" became defined as a mans conversation skills, his understanding of feminine needs, his style, and to some extent, his social status. Even though some may say that I am wrong, I believe that men do most of the things they do to impress women, and upgrade their "game". Men go to gyms and upgrade their physique, buy cars to upgrade their social standing, wear expensive clothing to upgrade their style, and face multiple rejections to upgrade their conversation skills. And its understood that it is the mans job to "pick-up" the woman, and men need "game" to outdo the other men vying for female companionship. So, lets say you go to the club, you notice that hot Puerto Rican female at the bar, you walk over and commence to courting. You make eye contact, you open with anice joke, she laughs, you move into introductions, and then conversation from there. After a while of "Jedi Mindtricks", you leave the bar with a new phone number of a potential significant other or "jump-skeezy". From there, you began to date this Boriqua, investing time(and money, of course, money), and eventually "falling" for her. "Love" has been defined many different ways, from "the rush of endorfins", "the psychological link between two persons", and many other things. But in our scenerio, you have "falling" for this female and succumbed to "love". You two become inseperable, as one, a "couple". But, in time the "love" begans to fade, and just like the title of The Roots' album "Things Fall Apart". I wrote this whole blog, not as an essay, but as a question. What is this love-quest that everybody is on? Why must I extend myself and upgrade myself just to find this undefinable thing called "love"? Why call it "game" and then take the end result of "love" so serious? I don't know, maybe I was just bored tonight and been watching "The Pick Up Artist" on VH1, but I just wanted to write down some things I was thinking.

And ladies, "The force is strong in this one!".

Peace, I mean WAR!

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