Monday, February 26, 2007

This is my Minority Report!

I was watching BET yesterday and they had a Black History Month special titled "Top 25 Events that (Mis)Shaped Black America". It was hosted by Paul Mooney, so I figured it would be pretty entertaining. Most of the 25 events were things that I always say ruined Black America (and Black America was responsible for them). Things like the use of the word "nigger/nigga", negative images of women in hip-hop (nobody forced her to shake her ass), bling, soul food, gangs and the "proud to be dumb" mentality are all things that I believed are responsible for the downfall of African American society. Number 4 on their list made me kind of happy, it was religion. I've been saying forever that religion is the greatest divider of people in society, it divides more than wealth, race, or gender. Throughout history, people have used religion more than any other reason to kill others. And for Black Americans, who are descendants of Africans, to assimilate European (the ones that enslaved your ancestors) religions, is just idiotic to me. The rest of the list was mostly filled up with the Federal Government. My favorite was Ronald Wilson Reagan (Mr. 6-6-6), who I blame for the adoration of the ghetto life. During Reagan's reign in California, gangs grew out of stress in "the hood", like a rose in the crack in the pavement. Then he went on to be President, and the most acclaimed era of "thug / gangster rap" was born, the "Crack Era". Another Caucasian on the list was one of the greatest "stick-up" men in the history of music, as they called him "the first Diddy", Elvis. As most know (but won't admit), Elvis stole everything from Black artist before him. The only one I'm kind of skeptical about was number 17, the Justice System / Prison. I know the common "niggerish" argument, the United States Justice System is set up against minorities, and to an extent, I agree. There is an overwhelming amount of minorities in prison compared to the amount of Caucasians. I just feel that sometimes these "niggas" should be locked up, not everybody in prison is a political prisoner (Busta Rhymes is not Mumia and Lil Kim is not Assata Shakur). And the number 1 event, as all should know, was slavery (and I don't have to go into that). All in all, it was an entertaining program, but philosophical, intellectual, extrospective, or otherwise educational, I don't necessarily believe so (but judge for yourselves). But I still have to give BET credit, for a change, they had something of quality on their network (I still hate them for making 106 & Park).

On a side note, I hate Tyra Banks more than ever for the worst Black History Month program ever. Instead of celebrating Black people, like every episode, she celebrated herself. She claimed that she should be on a list with the greatest Black people ever because she was the first African American to show their tits on the cover of Sports Illustrated (what a delusional, self idolizing bitch). Even when she had a guest on her show to talk about their career as a model, she made it about herself and how she opened the door.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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