Sunday, February 18, 2007

So much pain in my life!

So here we are again, election time! What? It's not election time, shit, you could've fooled me. Everybody's talking about Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton running for president. Every week a new politician is throwing their name in the hat to be the next president. I guess it's happening so soon because most of America is tired of that idiot in office now. There was all the talk about the non-binding resolutions (what's the point) in the past couple weeks. The Senate is trying to find real ways to keep President Bush from fucking this "War on Terror" up anymore than he has. They want to limit funding for the troops (who didn't see most of them billions spent already) and they want to limit the President's power to authorize war (too late for that, idiots). Now there's all this talk about Iran feeding weapons to the insurgents in Iraq (yeah, we fell for the lies before, and knowing Americans, we'll fall for them again). I don't want to get into the dynamics of Islam and the sectarianism that exist within that religion. Lets just say that America gave more weapons to the insurgents than the Iranians, via Saudi Arabia. On a side note (which pissed me off), a Senate panel okayed TSA screeners to unionized (kind of). I quit working for TSA last year, and since I quit they've got a raise, gained collective bargaining, got the ability to join a union, and the jackass that was in charge where I worked is being investigated (they waited for me to go, didn't they). I know most of America was too busy, watching the Hills on MTV, or worrying about how Anna Nicole Smith died and who's the baby's daddy, or why the hell Britney Spears shaved her head, to watch the news. I have really have nothing better to do but smoke and watch Anderson Cooper and Hannity and Colmes (that ugly ass Alan Colmes is a good laugh). Besides my regular lineup of Heroes and Law and Order(s), I've been checking out Dateline : To Catch a Predator (Chris Hansen is hilarious when he interviews the perverts). It's the funniest thing in the world to watch perverts get caught in the act, and act like they didn't know what they were there for. As I write this I realized how much of a nutcase I really am (or complex, if you want to use that term). I'm a crazy Hip-Hop "reconstructionist", I watch romantic comedies and chick flicks, I love comics and the movies made from them, I watch the news and news related comedy shows, I watch the People's Court religiously, and I watch the Hills when there is absolutely, positively nothing else on television (I mean, nothing but TD Jakes or Bobby Jones Gospel). You see what I mean, and even though I try to be high most of the time, I've got to say I'm sober most times I watch the Hills. It's totally against my better hood conscience to watch television and movies made for teenage white girls, but hey my life is just that boring. Hey, enough of me whining about how depressing my life sounds, I started writing this to talk about politics or news or the lack there of, and I am distracted by popular television. Damn, there goes my main point, when something news worthy is going on in the world, the public is manipulated by the news outlets and distracted by entertainment. When we should be worrying about war, we're too busy worrying about who broke up, who's pregnant, who got killed, or who 50 Cent has beef with now (Cam'rom is the worst rapper ever). What has happened to America when the next white rapper is more important than the first Black or female president? What is wrong with us when we focus more on why Diddy's pride wouldn't let him dial than we focus on North Korea's nuclear program? I'm sorry to anybody that read this and was totally bored to death and now hates themselves for entering my unstable mind. But if you actually took the time to read this, your life is probably as empty as mine is at this moment (think about it). Happy Black History Month or whatever holiday it currently is.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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