Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Nation!

Whatever happened to the Five Percenter Nation of Gods and Earths, where's the Nation of Islam been, what's the deal with the NAACP, whatever happened to the Black National Anthem. It's sort of like Black people forgot about black people. Even though we have African Americans in high positions (American Express, Merrill Lynch, Oprah, the CEO of Hip-Hop Shawn Carter, and Diddy), we still have not reach complete equality. This government is trying to get rid of Mexicans, who do you think is next (and I can't live in hot ass Africa). I understand that we've came pretty far in over four hundred years, but if Hurricane Katrina is any evidence, then evidently we didn't come far enough. Latinos and African Americans are at war in Los Angeles and most of us are worried about if Jay-Z and Beyonce getting married or what new dance they doing in Atlanta. And speaking of Atlanta, wasn't that suppose to be a Black Mecca, it now seems like a breeding ground of buffoonery. I'm from New York, so I've visited the home of the Black renaissance, Harlem, and it's sad to see young people gang banging and emulating rappers that don't care about them. And when I travel to suburban, mainly Caucasian neighborhoods I see the same self destructive attitudes and actions. Me, myself I can't say I'm improving the conditions either, but I'm trying. But forget about the first few lines of this manifesto, this isn't about African Americans, this is about Americans as a whole. There are terrorist out there looking to destroy us, and I don't mean radical Islamics, I'm talking about radical Americans. I have friends and family in Iraq (what it is, Oba), I was almost in Iraq, dying over somebody lying. We can't let them get away with this. The youth of America is dying slowly, the future of Africa is being slaughtered in genocides, the youth of South and Central America are starving and being abused, the same things are going on around the world ( except Canada, what's up with that). Holy wars are being fought, in the end we are going to all lose. And to end on the most dangerous threat to our world, on October 17th of this year, Diddy will release Press Play, which will most likely deteriorate the youth of the world's minds (he has a nice joint with Nas though).

Peace, I mean WAR!

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