Monday, October 16, 2006

Guess it's Just the Theory of Man!

I want ya'll to vibe with me for a moment (see the reference to Jay-Z). Just imagine a world without war, famine, plague, etc. Okay, now ask yourself "how do we obtain this?" (good question). Now imagine a world where everybody had enough sense to, as the kids would say, be "rubber" and let the words bounce off of them. On October 2, a gunman shoots people in Amish Country, PA (Lancaster). The family of the victims forgives the gunman, now how many of us could say we would do the same. Two people come forward to reveal prisoner abuse in Guantanamo Bay, and they were silenced. I don't believe that nobody knew it was going on, people turn away from what's going on. I've figured out how to bring about world peace, destroy the future by bringing back the past. Television and the internet connect people to things they never would have seen without them. After being exposed to the horrors of the world so young, we have been desensitized to violence and everything else happening in the world. Because information is so easily access without actual thinking, people have also been stupefied and dumbed down. Don't think so, just read some of the e-mails and post on You know stupidity is the norm when immigrants go onto television and argue against allowing immigration (yeah American's of European, African, Asian, anyone besides the Native Americans that were slaughtered are immigrants). My brother worked at an after school program, and these kids could tell you things they should never know about sex, drugs, crimes, and various "adult" subjects, but they can't tell you a damn thing about the "three R's" (reading , (w)riting, (a)rithmatic: damn, the teacher that made that up was pushing it). I say we learn from the Amish and shield our children (our future) from the world. That way when they see horrors, they will treat them as such, instead of treating horrors like normal everyday life. Lets protect our children from the genocides in Africa, the natural resource shortages worldwide, the wars raging in the Middle East, and the plague known as Diddy. Hopefully by hiding from them and shocking them with it later (except Diddy, hide him forever) their fresh outlook on the subjects will bring about a change (unlike their stupid parents that ruined it for them). Maybe I'm just a little delusional from staring at a television all day and scrolling on a mouse all night.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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