Saturday, October 04, 2008

I know you like the way I'm freakin' it, I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it!

So, anybody that reads my blog or talks to me, knows that I use numerous slang words. I am from the "hood", so when I converse, or I should say "politic/polly" or "conversate", I use street vernacular. I want to let everybody enter my mind, so I will like to introduce you to the "Digzionary". Some of these words may be familiar to you and some of them may be new, whatever the case, enjoy them and use them well.

Let's begin with "Chapter 4 : Love Blackually"

Nigger - [nig-er] -noun 1.A term used between ignorant friends. 2.A person showing a lack of care, knowledge or training. 3.A person who has been tricked or deceived into appearing or acting silly or stupid. 4.A weak-minded or idiotic person. You're my nigger!

Niggerdom - [nig-er-duhm] -noun The state of being or becoming a nigger. Actions that are stereotypically done by niggers. I don't practice that niggerdom!

Niggeropolis - [nig-rop-uh-lis] –noun, plural -lis·es. A neighborhood that is largely populated by niggers. Far Rockaway is such a niggeropolis.

Niggernomics - [nig-er-nom-iks] -noun 1.(used with a singular verb) the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of niggers. You spent your rent money on sneakers, stop practicing niggernomics. 2.(used with a plural verb) financial considerations; economically significant aspects: What are the niggernomics of such a project?

Niggerosity - [nig-er-os-i-tee] –noun, plural -ties. a. The property of a nigger that resists change from said nigger's niggerdom. b. The measure of the extent to which a nigger possesses this property. That nigger DMX got arrested again, he has the highest niggerosity I've ever seen.

Niggerology - [nig-er-ol-uh-jee] -noun 1.The science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of niggers. 2.The study of niggers' similarity to and divergence from other people. 3.The science of niggers and their works. Chris Rock is always talking about the difference between Black people and niggers, he's very verse in Niggerology.

Nigganigans - [nig-an-i-guhns] -noun The mischief, deceit, trickery, or underhanded acts associated with niggers. Maino smacked Yung Berg, he's back to his nigganigans.

Niggerdry - [nig-er-dree] –noun The art, skill, or accomplishments of a nigger. Tracy Morgan is hosting "Hip Hop Honors", he pocesses some amazing niggerdry.

Niggerish - [nig-er-ish] -adjective Of, pertaining to, befitting, or resembling, a nigger. Rock Diggie is so niggerish!

Niggerant - [nig-er-uhnt] -adjective An action by a nigger due to or showing lack of care, knowledge or training. Look at them rims, that's so niggerant!

Exblackly - [igz-blak-lee] -adverb As you say. Used to indicate agreement, sarcastically, with a racial statement pertaining to African Americans. They're going to find a way to keep Obama out of the White House. (in response) Exblackly!

Blackually - [blak-choo-uh-lee] -adverb As a sentence modifier to add slight emphasis, used in response to a stereotypical assuption. Yo, son, you got any Kool Aid? (in response) Blackually, I only drink water!

Blacktastic - [blak-tas-tik] -adjective In form, conception, or appearance that is in stereotypical African American fashion. The lights went out about three times at the club last night, so blacktastic!

Terms for females (sorry ladies)from "Chapter 3 : The Oviary"

Bird - [burd] -noun From British slang. A young woman. I met this fly bird at the club last night.

Duck - [duhk] -noun An unattractive young woman who believes she is attractive. Usually has low intelligence or common sense. Usually kept around as a substitute for when no other female is available. Yo, she's an ugly duck, but she's easy, and I don't have anyone else.

Pigeon - [pij-uhn] -noun A falsely appealing female, uses her friend's car, money, clothes, etc.. Tries to date men to get something out of the relationship, being rides, money, clothes, etc.. She's a pigeon, that's her homegirl's shit she rocking.

Chicken - [chik-uhn] -noun A female that uses sexual acts for monetary gains. Sometimes refered to as a Chickenhead. She wanted me to cop her a #1 from Mickey D's just cause I hit it, damn chicken!

Goose - [goos] -noun Similar to a duck, but more attractive. Usually has low intelligence or common sense. Usually kept around as a substitute for when no other female is available. You couldn't get no bird, I bet you can talk that dumb goose into it.

Swan - [swon] -noun A female that was once unattractive but has became extremely attractive. Yo, she was ugly as fuck back in junior high, but that swan fine as shit now.

Dodo - [doh-doh] -noun A female that is very dim-witted and slow-reacting, Not neccessarily lacking intelligence, but very slow to respond. Sarah Palin is a dodo!

Owl - [oul] -noun An acronym for Over Weight Lady. Jennifer Hudson can get it, even though she's kind of an owl.

Ostrich - [aw-strich, os-trich] -noun A female whose lower anatomy is better than her upper anatomy. Usually long legs and a nice butt. Damn she's an ostrich, look at that ass, but don't look above her waist.

Turkey - [tur-kee] -noun A promiscuous female (turkeys get stuffed). You might catch something, that bird is a turkey.

Quail - [kweyl] -noun A young female that tries to fool men into thinking she is not a minor. R Kelly is a quail hunter.

Roadrunner - [rohd-ruhn-er] -noun A prostitute. (got another definition, a little too dirty, even for this blog) My dude told me he went up to Hunts Point to get a roadrunner for his bornday.

Phoenix - [fee-niks] -noun The perfect female, a person of peerless beauty or excellence. Sometimes refered to as "wife material". Named after the mythical bird (because this bird is pretty much mythical too). I thought Jessica Alba was a Phoenix, then she up and married that lamo.

Rest in Peace, Marlon "Brando" Bryant

Stay tuned for more words out of the "Digzionary". Next time we will go over "Chapter 6 : Straight Out of a Comic Book" and "Chapter 2 : Friendly Fire".

Remember the world is Diggie. Even the "Ladybug" told you this was a Diggie-ble Planet. I'm cool like that!


Mercury said...

This is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.

Kal Thrace said...

sad but if u came up with this as a real dictionary it would sell.
funny shite.

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