Monday, June 25, 2007

Just To Get By!

Its time for another installment in my ever going series "The Pussification of Modern Society". My last installment was about the "Cry-babies" for equal rights, the one before that was about modern mans obsession with beauty, before that was the weakness of today's youth, and prior to that was my views on hate and prejudices, and the first one was my main point of the pussification of modern society. So I've commented on the feminine ways of today's "Esquire" man (a category that I, myself fall into), I've talked about how parents coddle their children to the point of weakening their children's spirits as well as their bodies. I want to touch on the so-called patriots and how they have turned most of America into pussies. From politicians to news anchors to journalist, everyone is afraid to comment on the state of America. The only people brave enough to speak against the government are comedians (because nobody takes them serious anyway), activist (because nobody is listening to them anyway) and conspiracy theorist (because everybody thinks they're crazy). People are afraid to question the system, people are afraid to ask the right question, because they fear being called unpatriotic. America went from bra-burnings, protests, marches for civil rights, and civil disobedience to unwavering blind faith in incompetence. It's sort of like we live in a "1984" dystopian society, only difference is we, as a people and not fully the government, have made ourselves docile sheep following the dumb herd dog off of the cliff. Americans seem to forget that America was formed by people that questioned the government (because they wanted to get freaky without the British government being in the bedroom). It is the "American Way" to question the government. People used to fight for what they believed in, it seems like people are afraid to stand up for their beliefs today. With so much information in our hands, with the internet, television, books (I know that's something a lot of people don't use), etc, we should be smarter than we are. With all the information, the resources, the spas and the gyms, why are Americans the most obese in the world? Why are there so many recalls on products, and special safety regulations? My answer is that the world is being "pussified" more and more each and everyday. Once we all stop crying about discrimination, worrying about trends, coddling the children, and we start fighting for our future, we can put the power back in the hands of the people. Because if the pussification continues, we'll all be living in a society that resembles the movie "Idiocracy".

Peace, I mean WAR!

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