Monday, June 25, 2007

My Philosophy!

So, my sister is in town, and she's a "born-again Christian" (kind of), so me being the anti-religious person that I am, I tried to stay away from debating with her about the fallacies' of Christianity. I mention a couple things about the contradictions in the Bible, and how an infallible God could change his mind or make mistakes (which would make him, indeed, fallible). I don't hate religion, as I've stated before (everyone is entitled to believe what that must), I just feel that if a topic is brought up, I must respond with my take. I've called religious persons "children with imaginary friends" before, I've stated that "God comes off as an asshole in the Bible" before, I've even said that "religious people could be compared to crazy people that believe in magic" (my favorite description). From this point on, I'll say this entry is just me backing up some of my claims with evidence and research. I want, excuse me, I strive to understand "Intelligent Design", and what makes it difference from traditional "Creationism" (besides the absence of the name, God). To say that everything on the planet was intelligently designed to fit some specific goal is asinine and moronic; I dare a believer of this theory to explain the Dodo, the Platypus, why Rabbits eat their own feces, and other idiotic creations and biological mechanisms on this planet. If small evolutions in certain organisms have taken place in the short time that man has resided on this planet, how can evolution as a whole be denied. I recently watched a very insightful documentary entitled "Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus", it was about the debate to introduce "Intelligent Design" into classrooms (to make American students dumber than they currently are). It didn't really delve that deep into Darwinism, the Mendelian Inheritance, Genetic Drift, Adaptation, and other related components of the entire "Evolution Theory" (or should I say "Evolution Fact"), it was interesting to see the unintelligent arguments for "Intelligent Design". The proponents for this theory used man made structures such as Mount Rushmore to support their belief, stating that you can tell intelligence went into the design of Mount Rushmore (no duh, idiot). They compared that to the system of DNA structure in organisms, not taking into consideration that DNA structures in certain organisms changed over periods of time (which is the definition of evolution). Let's take it back for a second to the founding belief, "Creationism"; a loving, perfect God creates each and every organism on the planet. If this is true and God's designs, or God, himself is perfect, how does that explain birth defects, Down Syndrome, and other genetic "mutations" (I know the normal Christian answer, "God works in mysterious ways", and I call bullshit). I know some people are asking, how can I question somebody else's religious beliefs? The answer is simply that throughout my short 25 years on this planet, I have managed to read the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, some of other religious doctrines, history books, biology texts, anthropological studies, and other relevant writings on the study of mythology (or to some, religion). I have read about Ancient Egyptian deities (where most of western religion adopted its stories), I have recently started reading about Ancient Sumerian deities (which also has been bastardized for Christianity as well as that insane Scientology). I have been reading up on Mormonism, to further understand Joseph Smith's doctrine. I am a follower of science, and theology and mythology is the science that interests me. I beg any Christian out there to explain to me how a perfect, infallible God could have contradictions in his book (don't say because it's written by men, because then I'll ask, why you hold a series of books written by men as God's work, and why do you lie to others as well as yourself about its divine creation). Can somebody tell me which God is indeed the true God, and if so why? Why would a jealous God (words straight out of your Bible) allow people to worship other Gods? Why is the Old Testament God in direct opposition to the New Testament God? I welcome anybody to converse with me about their religious beliefs, or lack thereof, and answer my questions or ask me questions. I know it's against Christian law to question God (quoted from your book), but if you follow something blindly, ultimately you will fall.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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