Thursday, April 19, 2007

Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

Before I really get into this blog entry, let me explain why I decided on the title. Currently and as far as human history can remember, there has always been a war between science and religion. From topics such as evolution versus "intelligent design" (whatever that means), abortion versus fetal homicide, global warming versus God's wrath (what the fuck), Wal-Mart versus society, Gay marriage, etc. I consider myself a Muslim because I believe in Allah and most of the tenets of Islam, but I would never consider myself religious because I believe in science more than spirituality. Throughout my short life, I have argued with many religious people about the dynamics of religion and the hypocrisies of spirituality, never getting anywhere. So from this point on, I will never have a debate with anybody about their beliefs. But for now I will discuss religion for this blog entry, most importantly I will discuss how the ""Christian Right" of America is destroying the fabrics of our society (which was created to escape crazy religious zealots trying to stop our freaky forefathers from getting, well, freaky!). First I want to touch on the Global Warming debate. Over 2000 scientist in over 150 nations have proven that humans are contributing to the destruction of the planet Earth through Global Warming. Now, some of the "Christian Right" believes that Global Warming is a lie perpetrated by Democrats and the environmentalist. They claim that Global Warming has nothing to do with carbon emissions or science, but rather with God's wrath, and these are the final days written in Revelations (yeah, that "prophecy" hasn't bit them in the ass before). So according to them, carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, over-consumption of natural resources and the erratic climate changes are just lies made up by environmentalists and Al Gore, or just plagues signaling the Apocalypse (believe fairy tales much?). Now I would talk about Abortion from a scientific stand point, but it is more a personal choice issue. If according to your Bible and Quran, God or Allah loves all of his creations, wouldn't he love a woman that aborted her fetus just as much as a man out in Iraq killing innocent Iraqi children? And since God gave humans the ability of free will, isn't it in the hands of each human to decide for themselves, also "only God can judge". Now for a topic that my brother gave me the greatest point of view on, Gay marriage. My big brother said "I ain't getting married, so let them take my place and suffer like straight married couples". Before I comment on the whole gay marriage topic, let me comment on God's relationship to homosexuality. According to the Bible, God is infallible and perfect (proven so wrong by premature births, down syndrome, still births, etc.), if God is so perfect, why would he create something that he despises so much (that is also evident outside of human society throughout the animal kingdom; gay lions, yes, gay lions). Now onto the topic of Gay marriage, during this time in our history, a married couple is one of the hardest things to find, so why not let same sex marriages legal and have some sort of married couples in America. I would get into the whole "Intelligent Design" versus Evolution debate, but why bother, the main support of "Intelligent Design" are ignorant people. Now, early in this entry I said I was a Muslim and I believe in some components of Islam, well I do believe in creation, because there has to be an origin for everything. Since science has took us back millions of years and the Bible only brings us back thousands of years, I have to believe in the substance in front of me and not the mythology that can't be proven. For the theory of "Intelligent Design" to actually be viable, you have to find a way to prove that dinosaurs didn't exist, you have to find a way for seven days to stretch millions of years. And for the last battle in the war I will touch on, the battle against Wal-Mart. There has been a war against Wal-Mart led by the "Christian Right", according to them Wal-Mart is evil and mistreats its employees as well as its customers. There have been rumors that Wal-Mart employees are somehow underpaid, not given medical benefits, or other benefits, these rumors are just untrue. Wal-Mart employees are started off at $7.15, which is two dollars above the current federal minimum wage, and receive raises on a regular basis depending on their work. Wal-Mart employees are given a health care package that is not just affordable, but gives them the ability to use premium facilities. Employees are also able to obtain profit sharing and 401k plans through Wal-Mart. The opponents of Wal-Mart say that the consumer sales giant is destroying small businesses, but in actuality small businesses haven't been able to survive in the modern conglomerate ran market for some time now, and Wal-Mart has just filled the space left by abandoned buildings. Wal-Mart has supplied jobs where none were available, has afforded poor elderly people with prescriptions in their price range, and gave low income families better products at lower prices. And for anybody that brings up the sweat-market topic, just think what the poor kids in these third world countries would have to do instead of sewing clothes, prostitution, drugs, murder and other crimes. Any Christian or person of another religious denomination, don't take this as me hating religion, I hate religion invading my life and deciding what's right for me. Just like our freaky forefathers (well, white peoples freaky forefathers), I want to get my freak on without the government invading my freaky episodes. The Boston Tea Party wasn't about tea taxes, it was the Pilgrims saying they wanted their ménage a trios' to have nothing to do with the British government.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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