Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Brave New World!

I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, and I realized just how stupid some people are. The topic that they were discussing was the same topic from every show, how much President Bush is fucking up Iraq. President Bush and his fellow idiots, or diabolical madmen, would like the American public to believe that things are getting better out in Iraq. If Americans actually picked up a newspaper, and not the Source, Vibe or XXL (for you niggas out there), they would know that over 100 people died in Iraq just Thursday (explain that Senator McCain). As I've said before, how can America possibly believe that they can defeat the Islamic Extremist, they are willing to die for their beliefs, how many Americans can make that claim. But back to the stupidity of the American public, mainly the people at NASCAR races screaming America is number one. Another fact that most Americans can't or won't get through their skulls is that America is not number one and hasn't been number one in a while. Even though we have the most billionaires (which doesn't explain all of the poor people I know, including myself), the most Noble Prize winners, and the most people on the internet (looking for underage girls, just ask Chris Hansen), we are still not number one in a lot of things. China and India have larger Armed Forces than the "most powerful nation", Israel spends more money than us on the military, even though Israel isn't bigger than New Jersey (but should be used as a landfill just like it), and we have the largest National Debt. Over 25 countries have more doctors, more hospital space, lower infant mortality rates, and higher life expectancies. Our prison system is packed with the most people (mostly, excuse my French, niggas and spics), we are only surpassed by Canada (crazy frost-backs) and South Africa in most rapes, we're 15th highest on the murder rate charts (sometimes I want to help boost that stat), and the worst is that we are 139 of 172 nations when it comes to people voting (listen to Diddy, people). See, Middle America (just as radical as the Middle East), we aren't number one in many categories (even though we have the most overweight people). How can a country that sends still injured troops back into war, actually claim to be the greatest country in the world. When we throw veterans (such as myself) into substandard hospitals or even worst, on the streets, how can we actually consider ourselves the greatest. There's plenty of times I've watched The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Real Time, Bullshit and Hannity & Colmes and laughed, but the issues that they joke about on these news satires are serious (my friend just told me that Hannity & Colmes is real news, could've fooled me, next they'll say the O'Reilly Factor is real news too). I think we as Americans work too hard to be number one at meaningless things, that we forget the important ones. Lets stop trying to be the American Idol, the Next Top Model, New York's lover, or whatever America's watching this week, and try to be "the greatest nation" in the world. On an ending note, why did Oprah have to travel all the way to Africa to find children that want to learn, why aren't many Americans smarter than a 5th grader, and why hasn't everybody learned that Ann Coulter is a stupid cunt (yes, I said stupid cunt).

Peace, I mean WAR!

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