Saturday, March 17, 2007

I got that ignorant shit you like!

I was reading the usually AP articles and I read one that said that the youth of America (generally considered anybody under 30 these days) gets it news from alternative outlets more than newspapers. The article made me think about where I get my news from. I watch a news show here and there, a little Anderson Cooper 360, a little Hannity and Colmes (even though I hate them both), some Scarborough Country, and maybe a little Nancy Grace (but I never enter the Situation Room {even though Wolf Blitzer's cool}, never check out the O'Reilly Factor, and fuck Ann Coulter). I used to read the New York Daily News and Post every morning, but they put more about Lindsay Lohan than actual news, and the New York Times is just so boring. I don't watch local news because all the prime time dramas come on at 10 o'clock and then The Daily Show and Colbert Report takes up the 11 o'clock slot Monday thru Thursday, and Bill Maher on Friday. I read most of my news on the internet at,, etc., between listenings of freestyles and new songs at (Hip-Hop news is still more important than global events). I think that I'd rather get my news straight from AP (Associated Press for the uninformed), instead of from somebody that sits next to President Bush at a $5000 a plate dinner, how can he not be biased. Most news outfits are ran by multi-millionaires that are joined by their subjects for golfing and instead of giving the viewers facts, they give us pre-scripted press releases. That's why most people would rather listen to comedians joke while stating the truth, than watch news anchors seriously state lies. It's alright that we, as the youth of America, have rebelled against the "mainstream media" (whatever that word "mainstream" means), but I think we are losing something by not entertaining every method of obtaining information. We miss out on why Bill O'Reilly is an idiot, we miss why Sean Hannity is a pretentious cock, or why Ann Coulter is such a bitch. And of course, we need to read newspapers (and books for that matter). In the words of Jay-Z on the intro to Tru Life's "Tru York", "If you niggas is done living in a fantasy world, allow me to introduce you to true life!". Basically, I'm saying, America was made by the people, for the people (not just white people anymore), and we run this, not them, so lets get control back from the idiots.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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