Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lowered Expectations

Is it just me, but does everyone in the world look for unattainable, crazy goals in their lives. I'm not talking about having a mansion, a luxury automobile, or a yacht, those are very attainable (just ask P Diddy). The unattainable goals I'm talking about is the perfect mate, the perfect family, you know anything perfect. To be human is to err, so how can anybody expect anybody else to be perfect. Everybody has a fault, and I mean everybody. For instance, take Beyonce, a lot of men consider her perfect, but I used to work in the airport, screening bags, and her panties had tread marks in them. Take your family for example, I'm sure there is a drunken uncle somewhere or an insane aunt up your family tree. So I've embraced my family being a little left of the sanity meter, hell, I am. I've embrace the fact that Alicia Keys probably has some beat up ass toes or something. I've stopped shooting for perfect, but unlike most of my friends (they shoot for easy) I'm shooting for damn near close to perfect. I'm dead sexy and I can never settle for a girl that ain't as sexy as the God!

P.S. : Beyonce, its all good, I had streaks in my drawers before. I still love you baby!

Peace, I mean WAR!

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