Monday, August 28, 2006

Great Hov!

As I sit here this morning watching MTV, I ponder the next turn for the almost dead "Hip-Hop" culture (Nas' new album coming soon). I was wondering is every rapper from Atlanta a version of Young Jeezy or a version of T.I.. Is every New York / East coast rapper in a set like Juelz Santana (Jim Jones on YouTube). Why do all Houston rappers rhyme about sipping Lean and rocking grills with the exception of Chamillionaire (where's Scarface when we need him). Why is everybody dancing, what is Hyphy, why are they leaning and rocking and please put down the chicken noodle soup (I'll take the soda). I was glancing at a Smack DVD and I realized that every "underground" New York cat proclaims to be the second coming of Jay-Z (his album coming soon). Does Fat Joe still believe he is the savior of New York rap? Is 50 Cent co-executive producing everybody's album this year (Lil Scrappy, Freeway and LL Cool J)? On a reggae note, why does Sean Paul do the same dance in every video? And if Justin Timberlake is bringing "Sexy Back", then I presume ProActiv didn't preserve Diddy's sexy. I need everybody reading this in the New York / New Jersey area to watch the Bridge on channel 25 on Friday or Saturday at 11:00pm or Thursday at 9:00pm. This could help us resuscitate this ailing genre of music. Oh yeah, everybody help Diddy preserve his sexy and moisturize his situation by purchasing a bootleg of "Press Play" and tossing it out of your car window driving down your nearest highway.

Peace, I mean WAR!

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