Monday, July 28, 2008

Sly Fox?

So, as most people know, Nas and have issued a fatwā on the Fox News Channel. Nas and his cohorts claim that Fox is spreading racist propaganda, and they must be stopped. The group has gotten a petition signed and even protested in fron of the Fox News studios last week. Now, what did all this hullabaloo accomplish? Well, the answer is, not a Goddamn thing!

Okay, I agree with Nas and in their assessment of the overtly racist propaganda that Fox News spews, but I disagree with their petition and their protest. Before you call me an Uncle Tom or a Sambo, hear me out. Now Nas is a rapper, a group that is constantly under fire for their speech, and's slogan is "Democracy in Action" (typing on a computer is more like Democracy Inaction). One of the main tenents of democracy is the freedom of speech. While Nas defends his own right to freedom of speech, he wants to censor Fox News freedom of speech. Furthermore, anybody that watches Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc., knows that the majority of their programming is made up of punditry. Punditry is opinions, analysis, or commentary on news subjects, sort of like an editorial in a newspaper (I know that nobody reads these anymore). Unlike a newspaper, where most of it is made up of hard news (except Page 6 in the New York Post or the entire New York Times), these news channels only feature small breaks of hard news. Many "media watchdogs" have said that CNN and MSNBC have been bias, at times liberal and at times conservative. The Fox News Channel just happens to be staggeringly conservative. What are these protesters actually fighting against, Fox News or the people that watch it? I mean, I hate BET, but I won't protest it, I just refuse to watch the crap. In my opinion, Fox News can say whatever they want, if you don't like it, change the channel. The only people I want to see banned are Ann Coulter (annoying cunt), Al Sharpton (advantageous scavenger) and Jesse Jackson (nigger) (oh, yeah and Tiffany "New York" Pollard). I know I havent cursed much in this blog entry, so, man fuck Fox News!

Even when WINNING isn't probable, losing isn't optional!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So, I'm watching Penn & Teller : Bullshit, and the topic of this episode was "Being Green". I've never discussed the whole "Green Movement" before on this blog, so I figure now is a better time than ever. For anybody that hasn't been alive for the past 35 years, the "Green Movement" is a push by environmentalist to get everybody to do their part in "saving the world". Now for my view, environmentalist are the worst perpertrators of "Earth murder". Environmentalist spout off their ideology about "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", anybody that went to public school in New York City has probably been to an assembly about it. That is one of the biggest pieces of bullshit that I've ever heard! First of all, we cannot reduce our "carbon" output, with our ever growing population, our over production of items, and our expansion of land use. What are we suppose to stop procreating, eating, and living. Ever couple months these "environmentalist" build Whole Foods Markets and other "environmental" centers, using land. They say reuse, how are we going to reuse the current gas-powered automobiles, that they want to replace with hybrids and electric cars. These electric cars and hybrids require new stations to refill their batteries, and that means more land use. Even if we reuse certain items, eventually they will have to be disposed of, and some things, like plastic, are not biodegradable, and will have an impact on the planet anyway. Some products lose their integrity after usage and become hazardous to consumers. And the last word, recycling, is my biggest pet peeve. Almost everyday, I drive by a recycling center, I watch the smog come out the pipes and I think, how is this any better? The "environmentalist" never tell you about the energy cost for recycling centers and the cost of recycling centers. Recycling takes more time than virgin production and that means more money for employees, which means higher prices. The "Green Movement" is a racket (like organized religion), all these organic (expensive) products, these "green" businesses, and environmentalist groups. These things are set up to get money by playing on the guilt of consumers (sort of like how religions get offerings off of their parishioners guilt). I will not say that Global Warming is a myth, I believe it's truely occuring, but these environmentalist are using this to prey on peoples fears (like George W. Bush and Fox News, and religion, again). People are going out of their way to waste money on hybrids, carbon credits and other nonsense that won't neccessarily effect the Global Warming threat. What we need to do is spend that money to fund actual scientific endevours to investigate Global Warming and not do whatever Al Gore says (when he doesn't even do it).

Even when WINNING isn't probable, losing isn't optional!

If the world was really mine, I'd get rid of the snakes!

The Miseducation of Rock Diggie!

So, this is the triumphant return of The Incredible Rock Diggie (not as exciting as you expected, huh! Well, fuck it!). Well, it was kind of hard for me to think of some pertinent subject matter to return with. I could return with my usual Hip-Hop blog (but what has Hip-Hop gave us in the past year), or politics (Obama's the man, nothing there), maybe my polemic view of religion (too deep to return with). I can't really decide, so I've got Nas' "Nigger" ("untitled", fuck that bullshit) playing in background, The Colbert Report on the television, a Heineken sitting next to the keyboard, my Palm Centro in front of me with queued up, and a cigarette in my mouth, and I've decided I'm going to wing it and see where it goes.

So, the other day I was vibing hard off the new Nas album "Nigger" (again, fuck "untitled"). I am proud to say that I am back to being Nas' biggest fan. Lyrically, Nas is sharp as he's ever been. As I listened to the "Street Disciple", I started drifting back into my adolescence. Let me give you all an outlook on my youth. I was raised by a family of intellectuals, we spent family time answering questions on Jeopardy. My brother was an advanced student in school (I'm too damn lazy), my sister was a purveyor of art, fashion and anything outside of the "hood" mentality, my mother pushed us to work hard, and my father taught us to search for the answer to every question (probably why I'm such a big skeptic). So in my younger years, I had mainly these four people guiding me. My brother taught me everything scholastic, in our free time we use to read encyclopedias (between comic books and television). My sister plugged me into Hip-Hop, fashion, and interculturalism. My mother showed me that hard work is the path to achieving success (something I still haven't got the hang of). And my father gave me the tools to find the history and the origins of anything. I took everything that my mother, father, sister and brother taught me and formed an amalgamation, that is the basis for my current ideology. My mother, being the strongest person I've ever met, gave me the strength to fall down and get back up. My father, the most philosophical person I know, showed me how to find the deeper meaning in everything. My sister, a very sophisticated person, taught me to be an epicurean (but not to the point of avariciousness). My brother, by forcing me to read books, pushed me to further my intelligence. I know this isn't like one of my standard blog entries, but listening to Nas' "Nigger" (again, fuck "untitled"), the things he said just reminded me of my youth. The parallels of him and I growing up in the hood of Queens, the outlook on America. His lyrics about African American leaders reminded me of the discussions with my father. The mentions of beliefs of Nuwaubianism that I was raised around. It just brought me back to the days of my childhood. I just wanted to dedicate a blog entry to the people that crafted The Incredible Rock Diggie.

Even when WINNING isn't probable, losing isn't optional!

I'm going to leave you all with a video, since I feel like I kind of ripped you off on the Grand Re-Opening.