Monday, July 28, 2008

Sly Fox?

So, as most people know, Nas and have issued a fatwā on the Fox News Channel. Nas and his cohorts claim that Fox is spreading racist propaganda, and they must be stopped. The group has gotten a petition signed and even protested in fron of the Fox News studios last week. Now, what did all this hullabaloo accomplish? Well, the answer is, not a Goddamn thing!

Okay, I agree with Nas and in their assessment of the overtly racist propaganda that Fox News spews, but I disagree with their petition and their protest. Before you call me an Uncle Tom or a Sambo, hear me out. Now Nas is a rapper, a group that is constantly under fire for their speech, and's slogan is "Democracy in Action" (typing on a computer is more like Democracy Inaction). One of the main tenents of democracy is the freedom of speech. While Nas defends his own right to freedom of speech, he wants to censor Fox News freedom of speech. Furthermore, anybody that watches Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc., knows that the majority of their programming is made up of punditry. Punditry is opinions, analysis, or commentary on news subjects, sort of like an editorial in a newspaper (I know that nobody reads these anymore). Unlike a newspaper, where most of it is made up of hard news (except Page 6 in the New York Post or the entire New York Times), these news channels only feature small breaks of hard news. Many "media watchdogs" have said that CNN and MSNBC have been bias, at times liberal and at times conservative. The Fox News Channel just happens to be staggeringly conservative. What are these protesters actually fighting against, Fox News or the people that watch it? I mean, I hate BET, but I won't protest it, I just refuse to watch the crap. In my opinion, Fox News can say whatever they want, if you don't like it, change the channel. The only people I want to see banned are Ann Coulter (annoying cunt), Al Sharpton (advantageous scavenger) and Jesse Jackson (nigger) (oh, yeah and Tiffany "New York" Pollard). I know I havent cursed much in this blog entry, so, man fuck Fox News!

Even when WINNING isn't probable, losing isn't optional!

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No Face said...

Wow another African-American that dislikes BET. Your blog has just been bookmarked. After listening to Nas's new album, Nigger, I got to say that he still spittin the truth. He should stick to the mic though, and start with a movement inside of hip hop. His fan base is impressive, but it's not going to shut down Fox News. And Fox is just getting more ratings and views thanks to this.

Shit Fox was covering this story while it was happening, how's that for views? I believe if Nas started focusing on reviving Hip Hop (Fuck Rap) then he could at least fight media with media. This protest didn't really accomplish anything. Oh yeah, fuck Al Sharpton.