Monday, December 18, 2006

What do you believe in, Heaven or Hell!

I read the new Source magazine yesterday (sorry Big Bro, I relapsed), they had an article about the spread of the Bloods nationwide. I've realized that this is sad event. Let's think about this logically, niggas are killing each other over the color they wear nationwide. As I walk around New York City, I see these dirt-bomb niggas everywhere I go wearing dirty red and black hoodies (you can't afford more than one red hood). And most of these dudes are sad excuses for "gangstas". You can't do drive-bys without a car (get a job, get money, get a ride). Niglets walk up to me on the street and say "I got that haze", look niggas is looking to get indicted. There's no honor amongst thieves or rules of engagement anymore when it comes to criminals. When I was younger (the times of Decepticons, Lo-Lifes, Lost Boyz, and real NY gangs), there were rules and parameters. Niglets just throw a red flag in their back pocket and sell weed to by Timberlands. I have nothing against people living the illegal life, do what you have to in order to survive. But there's a lack of respect for the game, and I blame the rappers for that. When you have frauds portraying something they are not (Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, The Game, etc.), listeners are going to follow. Lil Wayne has been a rapper more than half of his life and not a gangster, like he claims. Jim Jones is not a gangster, and there are video's out there debunking the myth that he is a gangster. And The Game is one of the biggest frauds in the "rap world" today, he contradicts himself more than Nas. Listeners try to follow these fraudulent rappers, but the listeners don't look at the whole story. First of all, New York gangbangers, which OG gave you a pass to be in his gang (and there are no true O.G.'s in NY). Children, find a real person to idolize and build your life around, like Chris Gardner (word to Will Smith). In the words of Mobb Deep, "there's no such thing as a halfway crook". Stop trying to be somebody besides yourself, it's not "fly". If you don't have the paper to do it, don't cop bottles at the club and scream "ballin'". These entertainers are doing what they get paid to do, entertain. They are not gangbanging in their mansions, which you brought for them. They don't even go back to their hometowns, unless they need a quick boost to their "street rep". You dudes are killing yourselves and each other, while the rapper you follow is in the club with his security (they all have security, don't believe the hype).

On an ending note, shout out to my gang folks. b.G.C. (black Guerilla Cartel), Q.M.C. (Queens Murder Click), Q.U.S.C. (Q.U. Soldier Click), F.Y.F. Mafia (Fuck Ya Feelings), and W.I.N. (Witty Intelligent N.I.G.G.A.S.). And for your information, we don't bang, we make dollars (cause, if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense).

Peace, I mean WAR!

I Get's The Job Done!!!

I've realized that it's the idea of working that I hate, it's the bullshit that comes along with working in this capitalist society. It's the hierarchy of the business world. It's the indecisive management that you have to put up with. It's the idiotic regulations that employers come up with. Currently I'm working this little retail gig, it doesn't pay that well, but it's enjoyable and I don't feel like an idiot when I'm at work. My former jobs made me hate working. I was in the Air Force for four years. I loved the actually work I did, repairing airplanes, I hated everything that comes with being in the military. That "rank and file" bullshit was very fucking annoying. How can I actually respect a person that got to outrank me just because he spent four drunk years in college? My immediate officer studied English in college, fucking English, and he oversaw me repairing an airplane. I studied auto repair in high school, which is almost parallel to aircraft repair, and this dude studied English (how can you study English, that's a cop-out major). Another officer I met studied Latin and some other dead language in college, yet he oversaw a field he knew nothing about. I trained people that outranked me, this is because sucking up and hanging out with superiors leads to promotions (I hated most of my superiors, so why would I hang out with them). I got kicked out of the Air Force for misconduct, it's just that I rebel against stupid people outranking me, it's outrageous. Rank is achieved by being popular or becoming buddy-buddy with your superior, and that's below me. Anyway, my next gig was also in the federal government (did I mention I hate the feds, and I worked for them twice, what a damn shame). I worked for the Department of Homeland Security (what a waste of taxpayers money). We check people and their possessions for bombs and illegal items (and bottles of shampoo). It would seem like a good thing, but check all the statistics, no terrorists put bombs on American planes (the only bombs on American planes were put on by T.S.A., what a bunch of fuck-ups). These people assigned to protect America were stealing out of peoples bags, using hard drugs while on duty, and other acts that should be considered terrorism. This job is protecting America less than Border Patrol on the Mexican border (the terrorist all come from the northern border, Canada, Mexicans would never let terrorist ruin their entry into America). We worked crazy hours on busy days, not because we needed everybody on duty, but because the superiors spent all the money to hire more people on million dollar holiday parties. The suit wearer's in the offices were at ballrooms drinking up our raise and new funds to hire more people (that money came from you, the taxpayer). They kept telling us to act a certain way to keep passengers respecting T.S.A., but every week there was a new scandal in the news (nobody respects T.S.A., not even T.S.A.). So this November, I decided to quit this meaningless job and take a pay cut and sell retail. I get to wear a suit instead of green BDU's or an ugly uniform (the badges were fabric and sewn to the shirts, and they tried to tell us we were Federal Officers). I might not make as much as I did at my other jobs, but I feel better when I get dressed for work and I even though I'm not "protecting America" (by checking for bombs that are not there or fighting in a war against a word), I feel better about what I do. Also I'm training to join the FDNY (they really save lives). So for the first time I realized it's not the idea of work that I hate, it's the idiots that I worked for (federal jobs are under President Bush, the idiot and chief). Hopefully I can successfully build a way for me to work for myself in the next coming months, where I don't have to deal with having an idiot as a boss.

On a side note, most of my comrades from the Air Force have left the Air Force (must say something about the Air Force, or me and my friends). And T.S.A. loses 1.5 employees per day at Newark Airport where I worked. So it can't just be me, it has to be something wrong with these jobs.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rockumentary : The Rasheed Fields Story Soundtrack

(because the soundtrack is usually better than the movie anyway)

Introduction: Comin' From Where I'm From - Anthony Hamilton

Opening Credits: The Life of a... (Gangsta) - Capone

Your Theme Song: You're Only A Customer - Jay-Z

Average Day: Queens - Pharoahe Monch

Friends: Thugz R Us - Noreaga

Theme Song for Best Friend: What U Lookin' 4 - Redman

Hanging Out: Mary Jane - Rick James

Partying with Friends: Get Up - Lost Boyz

Losing a Friend: Sometimes - Noreaga

Angry: You Gots To Chill - EPMD

Betrayed: Back Stabbers - The O' Jays

Missing Someone: Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

Flashback: Paid In Full - Eric B and Rakim

Happy Dance: Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

Romance: Lately- Stevie Wonder

Meeting Someone You Like: Come And Talk To Me - Jodeci

First Date: The Light - Pharoahe Monch

Love Scene: This Woman's Work - Maxwell

Breaking Up: Teenage Love - Slick Rick

Getting Back Together: Before I Let Go - Maze ft. Frankie Beverly

At a Dance: I Wanna be Your Man - Zapp And Roger Troutman

Later...: Nobody- Keith Sweat

Your Funeral: Heaven - Nas

The World Without You: A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

Ending Credits: Full Of Smoke - Christion