Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Fuck Tomorrow Motto!

Been watching the BET special, "Hip Hop vs. America"(shouldn't it be the other way around, since Hip Hop is on trial), and I actually enjoyed it. Now, I'm against the entire BET infrastructure most of the time(word to Adrianne Curry), because of it's hypocrisy. One minute, they'll have a special on "Rap City" with Jeff Johnson and in the next minute, buffoonery on "106 & Park". But back to the special, it was pretty decent, especially my favorite comment from the "KING", T.I., "We gonna be out of business, pretty much, if we put a bunch of school teachers in suit jackets and long skirts in our videos. And BET say, what is this, we can't play this. Then what we gonna do?". My second favorite professor(Cornel West is my favorite), Michael Eric Dyson did his thing; that man has a way with words, describing Melyssa Ford as "ebony ecstasy in furled in coffee flesh". Nelly, even though he isn't the most intelligent or well-spoken person, did make some excellent points about a woman's choice to show off her butt in a music video. He said that people make choices and sacrifice to meet success. I have a greater respect for Nelly, because he stood his ground against those that consider themselves intellectuals, such as Stanley Crouch. My man, Jeff Johnson aka Cousin Jeff made an excellent point on societies views on women, such as the Christian church and the Civil Rights Movement. The thing I disliked the most about the special was Toure(I hate that guys whole aura), he is totally unnecessary to Hip Hop culture. Another thing I found strange about this special was it's timing, it talked about the misogyny, violence and vileness of Hip Hop music, yet the top selling Hip Hop albums this year have been Common, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West. Throughout the whole thing, Nelly kept bringing up the word "choice", which I have always said is the answer to any socially charged question. Author, Nelson George said, "Crime is as American as apple pie", which I agree with, since America stole this land(and apple pie too). Crime is a major part of Hip Hop culture, since Hip Hop culture was started in the crime laden South Bronx. So to actually understand the pathology of Gangster Rap, you have to understand the pathology of America, which was supposedly discovered by a criminal, Christopher Columbus. The only part that I didn't like about the whole special, was the segment about White people's view of Hip Hop culture. I could give a fuck about how White people see me(no offense to my cuzo, Jay), I could give a fuck about how anybody sees me. I feel that I, just like Hip Hop, am who I am, deal with me or don't, view me how you will, but I will not change. But during that segment, Rev. Al Sharpton made an excellent statement about Hip Hop and famous black people emulating White America. I don't really want to write about the entire special, so just watch it and enjoy my boy T.I..

On a personal note, I used the words nigga, bitch, hoe, etc. Your actions determine your label, we all judge, no matter how much we protest that we don't, we all judge. It's human nature to be prejudice, we all use terms towards other persons. If a woman is very promiscuous, we call her a slut. If a man is very unintelligent, we call him stupid. I use these terms, but I don't discriminate with my judgements. If a woman or a man has a bitchy attitude, she or he is a bitch. If a man or woman is promiscuous, he or she is a hoe. I think that the world is overly sensitive, call me what you want, at the end of the day, I'm still superior to you!

Peace, I mean WAR!

Oh, and fuck Superhead aka Karrine Steffans!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh my GOD, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Jah, Vishnu, Buddha, G-D, Ahura Mazda, etc.!!!!

Alright, I guess it's time for another one of my anti-religion rants. I know I've been given Christianity a hard time, but it's necessary because they annoy me the most. But almost all religions are preposterous to me, the fantasy writings that are believed by the destitute, indigents, and scorn persons. I'll always skip Judaism, because it is essentially the same thing as Christianity(hence the term Judeo-Christian), minus the New Testament, Jesus' magic show, and with an additional 400 or so Commandments. Even though I like some of the doctrines of Buddhism, it is still a bastardized version of Hinduism(one of the oldest religions, before Christians precious Bible was even dreamed up). My problem with Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism(a bastardize version of Hinduism and Islamic Sufism), and other religions from the India region of Asia, is that they are all basically derivatives of old Aryan beliefs. The Aryans invade Northern India circa 1500 BC, and with them they brought their religion(sort of how Blacks in America maintain the slave-masters Christian religion). These religions, depending on the sect, believe in polytheism, or a form of monotheism, one GOD with multiple avatars. The difference between these religions and most Western religions(Christianity, Judaism, Islam), is that these religions focus more on personal growth and inner piece, rather than submitting and worshiping their GOD. Another one of my problems with these religions are that they all follow the tradition of saying that their religion was given to them by GOD, when it is clear to see that their beliefs are heterogeneous. I'm going to skip the other Asian religions, because my main focus is on the top five religious beliefs, in decreasing order, Christianity, Islam, secular/agnostic/atheist/deist(how dare I, as a deist, be put in the same category as an atheist), Chinese folk religions(who I'm not going to mess with, for now), and Buddhism. I'm going to skip right over to Islam now, since it is a major topic in this whole terrorism war. Islam is an Abrahamic religion, meaning, like Christianity, it is an offshoot of Judaic beliefs. Even though Islam is considered by Muslims as the last testament of Abrahamic religions, they believe that Christians and Jews have a distorted message from GOD. Supposedly, Muhammad, the "co-author" of the Quran, couldn't read or write, so he recited the words from GOD to his companions. While on a missionary journey through the Middle East, Muhammad and his army, raided markets in Mecca, was defeated by the Byzantine Empire, took over and lost Mecca, and controlled most of the Arabian peninsula. The Muslims believe that the Tawrat(Jewish Holy Torah aka The Old Testament) and the Injil(The Holy Gospel aka The New Testament), have been tampered with over time(which is true, thanks to the Roman Catholic Church), and that the Quran is perfect. I've read the Bible and the Quran, and the Quran is basically a carbon copy of the Bible, so how much of the Bible was changed. My problem with Islam, besides the decapitating infidels and Muhammad's flying white horse, is that it's the same unrealistic fantasy as Christianity. The same "man in a whale" story, the same creation story, the same flood, etc.. Even though some(Mos Def on "RealTime with Bill Maher"), Islam is a religion based on violence(like most religions), throughout the Quran, violent acts are committed in the name of Allah. The idea of Jihad, or "struggle", is that a Muslim's duty is to convert non-Muslims. A non-Muslim must convert, pay a tax, or perish at the hands of a Muslim. I used to align my ideologies with the Islamic ideologies, from an American sect called the Nation of Islam(which is not actually Islam), to The Five Percenter's Nation(whose science and mathematics are a little off), to Sunni Islam(I can't grow one of those Freeway beards), but my sensibilities overcame it. My problem with Islam is basically the same as my problem with Christianity, the magic and the fairy tales. I also have a problem with the concept of Salaat, why do I have to pray five times a day, did Allah not hear me the first time? Then there's Zakat, or Tithes to Christians, to which I ask, why Allah needs my money, if Allah is omnipotent? Are there Starbucks in Jannah/Heaven? (I'm going to stop talking about Islam, before some Muslims blow me up.) Since, I'm not too verse on Chinese folk religions, I'm going to let them slide for now. I will touch on the third largest religious group, a collection of groups actually. It consists of Atheist; who reject the belief in GOD or Gods, Agnostics; who believe that religious beliefs and the existence of GOD or Gods is unknown, Anti theist; who are opposed to religious beliefs, Rationalist; who depend on knowledge, justification, intellect, and basically reasoning to define their beliefs(like Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, and me), Deists; who use reasoning to assert that their is a creator, that does not interfere with human life and dismiss the religious books and the prophecies and miracles within them(I could be considered a Deist too, I do believe there was a creator), as well as Pantheist, Humanist and others. My question to Atheists is, if no GOD or Gods existed, how did anything come to be? And the Big Bang is not an explanation, because it doesn't account for energy appearing out of a void. Just like any story, there must be a beginning. I have no problem with Agnostics, because they have a valid point. Without any valid historical, anthropological or archaeological proof that the events of religious texts ever occurred, it's easy to doubt the truth behind them. Now anti theists, which I was, are opposed to religion as an organization. I too, like Anti theists, am opposed to organized religion and find it harmful, but unlike Anti theists, I believe in a creator. I am a Rationalist, if I see a problem, i use reasoning and deduction to come up with a solution. So when I read religious text, I see certain hypocrisies, certain missing pieces, certain fantastical events, and other things that lead me to not accepting these scriptures. When I look at everyday life and the events that we, as humans, experience, I question the interaction between a GOD and humans. I've went over it again and again, and I've thought about evolution(which is a fact and not a theory), the Big Bang, and other non-creationist ideas, and I've reasoned that there must have been something in the beginning, some type of creator. I've read the Bible, the Young Earth creationists, and other creationist theories, in which the Earth is only about 6000 years old. Geologists, astronomers, planetologists, physicists, and biologists have determined that the Earth is older than 4 billion years old(that's a huge range, 6000 to 4 billion; whats more accurate, radiometric age test or a book about magic). My rational opposition to religion and my belief in a creator, leads me to labeling myself a Deist. Religious people always talk of wisdom, which means good judgement, but following a book about fantastic miracles is not good judgement. You all can work off of wisdom, I'll continue to focus on obtaining and utilizing knowledge. I didn't really touch on my least favorite religion, Christianity, but I will in my next entry, as well as the harm of religious ideology, the slave mentality of Christians, and some other things concerning Christianity.

Peace, I mean WAR!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

So the other day at work, I became enthralled in a conversation about religious beliefs and the Bible's authorship. I've been in this same dialogue before, a religious person would say that the Bible is written by GOD. I'd ask, why if GOD is infallible, does his written work have contradictions. The religious person would then say, because it was written by "men", to which I'd say, that was my point. To that, they'd say that GOD gave the multiple authors the words to right, which leads back to my opening question. Or I'd get the whole, the Bible is less literal and more metaphorical. Then I'd say, why is Jesus so important if he was a metaphor and not real. I'd receive the answer that, Jesus is real and is the son of God. The only answer I'd have for that is "the metaphorical son or literal son". My brother once told me that arguments in beliefs like religion or politics never end, because each side is going to stay on there side(or something like that). And it's true, because beliefs are based on hoping, not knowing, like science. In science, a set of theories are put down for questioning, the theories are then tested, if proven, the theory becomes a law. Theories are ideas based on actual things. With belief, a set of ideas are set down, the ideas are not tested or proven, they are just taken as true or false based on peoples appeal towards it. As a fan of actual facts, I sometimes try to dispute belief, with science. I try to use the "chain rule" a lot. For example, if GOD is infallible, and the Bible has contradictions, then GOD is in fact, imperfect, making the Bible fictitious[because it says that GOD is perfect], making GOD apocryphal. Or, if GOD is the supreme being, and is control of everything in existence, why does he let men commit so much malfeasance, why does GOD not stop man? They'd respond with, Jesus died for our sins or Judgement Day is coming. There's so many reasons to not believe in the divine authorship of the Bible, like dinosaurs, the age of the planet Earth, the chronology of Biblical stories, and the contradictory laws and stories in the Bible. I've read the Bible, as well as mythological stories from Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Sumeria and Scandinavia. The Bible, which was published around the 5th century, B.C.E., was just plagiarized pieces of other mythological stories. The Sumerians have a flood story, a human creation story(the same clay one), and a rebel God(just change to angel, and you've got Satan). In Ancient Egyptian mythology, they have the God-child of the chief God(Osiris / Jesus), and his evil counterpart(Set / Satan), Osiris sacrifices his life for the other Gods, and will be king in the afterlife(sound familiar?). Roman, Greek and Norse myths all have the "extraordinary son of God" story, from the Greek Perseus, the Roman Hercules, and the Norse Thor. These are just some of the minor things that question the authorship of the Bible. I have no problem with people believing in the Bible, just believe in it fully. Don't take it literal for one subject(not cursing), and then allegorical for another(stoning your disobedient child). Like I've said before, the Bible is just as much fantasy as Harry Potter. And the Quran, with Muhammad's flying horse(Pegasus), and basically every story from the Bible, is also plagiarism too.

Now for some videos:

10 Questions an educated Christian must answer.
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Peace, I mean WAR!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Down Goes "F"razier, down goes "F"razier!

It' s been a couple of days since the much anticipated, 50 Cent / Kanye West battle. And my wish, that Kenny Chesney would defeat them both, was not granted. First, late on September 11th, Best Buy gave their sales, with Kanye in a large lead. Then late on September 12th, Billboard gave early numbers, also with Kanye leading drastically. This is a snippet of the press release from Billboard;

West's "Graduation" sold an estimated 437,000 copies during its first day of release Tuesday, ahead of 310,000 for 50 Cent's "Curtis" and 107,000 for country star Kenny Chesney's "Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates," according to a new "Building Chart" devised by tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan.

So, all the tough talk from 50 Cent(very entertaining) didn't help him outsell Kanye. Maybe people were tired of 50 Cent's tough talk, or did they want Kanye's mellow(kind of boring) brand(or did Def Jam do another Dynasty and buy it themselves). Myself, I purchased both albums and have listened to both deeply and compared the quality of the music. Being from Queens(one love to my dunns), I wanted to like 50 Cent more than Kanye West, and I do. Kanye West's Graduation is very laid-back, mellow, and slow. This is a gift and a curse, though the production and lyrics are solid, after a few tracks, you kind of get bored(like a Jay-Z concert). Also, though Kanye's "spit-game" has improved, most of his metaphors, similes, and double entendres are loose(meaning - too simple, overused, or vague). The collaborations are put together well, from T-Pain(who I can't stand), to Lil Wayne(who I can stand a little more than T-Pain), to Chris Martin, John Meyer, and Mos Def(who actually sung back-up). I can actually listen to the entire album without skipping any songs(if I don't fall asleep), except Big Brother(his ode to Jay-Z, in 50's words "He really adores him!"). Now, 50 Cent's Curtis is a different beast, with numerous producers, every song is different(some not so good). From when I first inserted the disc, I fell in love with the Queens ignorance. The first two songs, My Gun Go Off and Man Down(the retitled and censored Officer Down) are instant hood tracks. The next song, I'll Still Kill featuring Akon(who i despise just as much as T-Pain), is a good hood anthem. There's a couple songs that "get no play in my ride", and those are Amusement Park, Fire featuring Young Buck and Nicole Scherzinger, and All of Me featuring Mary J. Blige(even though I find it ironic she makes a reference to feeling like a crack fiend). Other than those I can listen to the rest of the album. The breakout hit, in my opinion, is the Tony Yayo assisted Touch The Sky, the last track on the album, which features one of Yayo's best verses. So, I know you're asking, "why do you like Curtis better than Graduation?", the answer is, I'm from Queens. Even though musically, Kanye made a better album, 50 is from Queens, and his hardest track elevates him beyond Kanye. When I'm rolling through Far Rockaway, South Jamaica, or even Brownsville, I like to bump something hard. Kanye's album is a great "chilling in the crib, cooking or cleaning, album", not a "nod your head in the whip album". But as a semi-backpacker and Hip-Hop purist, I respect Kanye for keeping the "backpacker making #1 on the charts" trend going, from Talib Kweli, to Common, to Kanye(get your incense, postal stickers and markers out, we're back!). You should go out and get the albums and decide for yourself. But I'm going to leave you with something from my boy "Speak & Spell"(who should have made MTV's Top Ten Emcees List, the wordplay is so slick).

Peace, I mean WAR!

And look out for a new 50 Cent album, whenever any Def Jam artist drops an album.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Jam is Def, I can't hear you niggas!

I was checking my E-mail earlier today, and I had like twenty friend requests on About eight of them were the fake broads, with the "to see my totally nude pics, click here" banner. The other twelve were aspiring rappers, you know "please listen to my music, nigga". The whole time I've been on, I've only listened to about five rappers that sent me their profile, and I've only liked a total of zero. I have nothing against anyone trying to be a rapper("do you", like Russell Simmons), I'm tired of anyone that can't rap trying to be a rapper. Everybody and their mother is a rapper now(Cam'ron and his mother; see "Confessions of Fire"), when will they realize that the rap game is full. It's like drug dealing, if you have all these people on this one corner, then nobodies moving any of their product. Alright, you have all these dudes that are just copies of other dudes, and when you have one 50 Cent, you don't need two. Anybody that knows rap, knows that everything comes from a few "fore-fathers", Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Biz Markie, and KRS-One(LL Cool J kind of counts too). Rakim is the inspiration for all the backpacker rappers, the Nas's, the "scientific" rappers. Big Daddy Kane is the mold for all the slick talkers, the smooth rappers, the Jay-Z's. Kool G Rap is the blueprint for all that mafioso, drug cartel, gangster rap, the N.O.R.E.'s. Biz Markie is the foundation of the joking, clown rappers, the Redman's and Methodman's. KRS-One is the father of the underground rappers, the "I die for this rap shit", lyrical rappers, the "Hip-Hop is breathing" rappers. And basically LL Cool J is the ladies man, which can be compared to a Nelly. All rappers stem from these rappers, no ideas original. For example, Lil Wayne(a confused dude, if you've been rapping since 13, when were you a drug kingpin?) is an amalgamation of Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, and most recently, KRS-One. He raps about the drugs and hustling, the smooth talk, the ladies, and according to him, most recently, he raps for the "love of Hip-Hop". Let's examine T.I., he's a mixture of Kane, LL and G Rap, and formerly, Rakim. T.I. raps about his hustling career, his way with the ladies, and he used to more lyrical("dumb down for my audience to double my dollars" : Jay-Z). Then there's 50 Cent, whose a mix of G Rap, Kane, and LL, or Kanye West, whose a mixture of Rakim, Kane, and KRS-One. Most of these new rappers don't understand the past, so they don't know that people my age and older have heard it all before, like Sunshine Anderson. So whenever these kids come up to me and start spitting a rhyme, I start thinking about the people he got his technique from. Whenever a kid comes up to me and starts saying "yo, yo, yo" or "I said, I said" or "uh, uh, uh", I automatically stop listening. It's only so many times you can hear the same rhyme, no matter how the words are arranged. There's too many rappers in the world today, pick a new trade. Please, don't come up to me on 42nd Street and try to sell me your homemade CD. Don't send me a friend request on MySpace and don't ask me to listen to your latest rhyme. Most likely, you sound like your favorite rapper, who sounds like his favorite rapper, who sounds like his favorite rapper, and so on, so why listen to you when I can listen to the person that made you. Hey, give up on the rap dream(I did), 106 & Park is a revolving door, ask the Chingy's, the Huey's, the Jibb's, etc.. Unless you have something that is out of this world amazing or sort of different, like Outkast or Kanye, you may only make it to the door, and be pushed right back out. Skip the rap thing and go straight to a liquor brand or a clothing label, they are more lucrative businesses. Why would anybody want to be in an industry that is losing more and more money on a weekly basis(thanks to downloading)? And if you do get a record contract, you'll probably sit on a label waiting for your turn. It may never come, ask Joe Budden, he'll tell you his Jam is Def, but I still can't hear him!

Peace, I mean WAR!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funeral Music aka Hi Mr. Toilet, I'm the shit!

And today, when I reached home from work, I checked the hip-hop blogs for the latest news. Can you imagine the joy I felt when I learned that BET will be showing a meeting between 50 Cent and Jim Jones on Monday. For all the people reading this that are not avid followers of Hip-Hop music, 50 Cent has(had) beef with Cam'ron, who is(was) the head of the Diplomats, also know as Dip Set, a group which Jim Jones is a member of. Let me replay the story for you. 50 Cent was at New York's Hot 97, doing an interview, where he called Koch a graveyard. Cam'ron and Koch's owner Michael Koch called the radio station to dispute 50 Cent's graveyard comment. 50 Cent, nee Curtis Jackson, maintained his composure, while Cam'ron, nee Cameron Giles, began to unravel and start to yell Curtisss, over and over. 50 didn't respond to Cam's immature acts at that moment, but instead went to the studio and created a diss track and video entitled "Funeral Music". The next day, Cam responded with a song and video entitled "Cuurtis", then later "Cuurtis Part 2". Then 50 Cent responded with Young Buck's "Hold On". From there the beef sort of died down, with 50 Cent sending a few jabs towards Cam on some G Unit mixtapes, and Cam surprisingly quiet. Everybody seemed to forget about the whole beef, until Cam'ron resurfaced(after getting punched in the eye by Tru-Life), doing an interview on 60 Minutes defending the "Stop Snitching Movement" and with a new video warning 50 Cent of his coming demise. 50 Cent gave his response to Hot 97's Miss Info(I'll show Minya Oh my "oh face"!). After that, Cam practically fell off of the map. But 50 took time out of his busy schedule to comment on Cam's video, again, on G Unit's "We On Some Shit", saying "Other nigga sending tapes, talking bout he gonna be back in June. It's gonna be a hot summer, nigga it's almost August!"(and a nice jab at Fat Joe / shout out to Remy Ma). Oh, and did I forget the whole "Jim Jones kicking Cam out of Dip Set Rumor". Jim Jones and Cam'ron had a little falling out back in April / May. So, anyway, let me tell everyone why I'm so happy about the 50 Cent and Jim Jones meeting. This meeting is a sign that Cam'ron's career has came to an end(thank God!). The popular saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", but what happens when the friend of your enemy is your friend? That's the predicament that Cam'ron is currently in. I think that he would've been fine if he would've never fucked with Jay-Z. I know, you ask, what does Jay-Z have to do with this beef? Well, if you check 50 Cent's beef record and compare it to Jay-Z's, you find 50 just went after Jay's enemies. 50's first beef was with Ja Rule, who Jay had a falling out with. Curtis had beef with Nas, who had a famous rivalry with Shawn Carter too. These artist include Fat Joe, who beefed with Jay-Z through Big Pun, The Game, who said "fuck Jay-Z" on stage and had to be disciplined by 50, and Jadakiss, who had beef(fake beef) with Beanie Sigel. 50 Cent once said that he blamed Jay-Z for all his beef because Jay-Z let these "little niggas get out of their zone", and I agree. So just like 50 ended Ja Rule's career("Uh-Oh" played for two weeks and only cause Lil Wayne was on it), Fat Joe's career(not really, he never had one), and The Game's career(yeah, 50 wrote the first album), he has ended Cam'ron's career. Now, I mentioned Lil Wayne earlier, 50 Cent took a couple jabs at Weezy F. Baby(what does the F stand for anyway?) on a track entitled "Part-Time Lover", where he says "You make me wanna kiss you, like Baby do Wayne. And make you call me daddy, like Baby do Wayne.", which came after 50 called Lil Wayne a "rap whore" during an interview. As I think back, Lil Wayne tooks a jab at Jay-Z before, saying that Jay was old and needed to step aside for him. So, I'm hoping that Lil Wayne comes out his face sideways at Curtis, so 50 can destroy Dwayne Carter's 12 year career(12 years, and he's just now getting good at rapping? Remember "wobbly, wobbly"?) On a side note, since it's close to september 11th, the day 50 Cent and Kanye West face off(and Kenny Chesney outsells them both!), I just want everybody to say "fuck the big names" and support my cuz, Spider Loc.

Peace, I mean WAR!

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Countdown, Finale!

1. Batman aka Bruce Wayne - And in my #1 spot, Batman aka Bruce Wayne, the orphaned billionaire that becomes a costumed hero. Well, Batman is actually considered an anti-hero, just like Wolverine(and the best at what he does, like Wolverine). As a child, young Bruce witnessed the murder of his parents. This event leads Bruce to train himself to physical and mental perfection. He decides to don a costume designed to look like a bat, a childhood fear of his, and patrol Gotham City at night. As the Batman, Bruce uses his billions to build an arsenal of weapons and vehicles(all with the prefix Bat), that enable him to fight crime. Unlike other superheroes, Batman has no super-powers, so he relies on his intelligence and ingenious devices. Throughout the years, Batman has gone through various incarnations, from a campy detective to the vicious "Dark Knight", but he always remained an impressive hero. The modern "Dark Knight" Batman is a loner among the rest of the superhero community, a vigilante, and a overly aggressive crime-fighter. Even when he is paralyzed by Bane and replaced by a more violent and intense, Azreal, a semi-healed Bruce returns to defeat Azreal and re assume his mantle. Batman is also a co-founder of the Justice League, and the self appointed watcher of the other heroes. He grew distrustful of the rest of the superhero community when Zatanna edited Batman's memories to hide a secret between a few Justice League members. He then creates a satellite surveillance system, call Brother I, to watch over the superheroes that watch over mankind. When Brother I, renamed Brother Eye, goes renegade, at the orders of Maxwell Lord(who is killed by Wonder Woman), Batman leads the rest of the superheroes up against Brother Eye and its master, Alexander Luther Jr.. Currently, Batman is rebuilding the Justice League and his "family". Unlike most other heroes, Batman has created his own "family" of heroes(most without super-powers). Batman has trained four different versions of Robin, four different versions of Batgirl, and helped to reform Cat-Woman. Batman is responsible for orchestrating most of the heroic efforts throughout the DC universe(even though Superman gets more credit). Batman is my #1 hero because, even without super-powers, he is one of the greatest fighters in comic books, one of the smartest persons in comics, and the wealthiest ladies-man in comics(Tony Stark has nothing on him). Bruce Wayne works in the grimiest, darkest city in the entire DC universe, Gotham City. While Superman is in his clean Metropolis, fighting white-collar criminal, Lex Luthor, Batman is in the grime, defeating the craziest villains in comics. Batman leaves his mansion every night, to fight escapees from Arkham Asylum, a mental institution. Captain America was enhanced by the government to fight crime, Iron Man uses his armor to fight against threats to his way of life(aka his money), Green Lantern fights to keep balance in the universe, the Hulk fights to protect himself, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and Spider-man, all fight to protect their respective homes(and Flash for fame), Wolverine fights to defend himself and mutantkind, but Batman fights for a better reason. Bruce Wayne isn't protecting his wealth, he's not government sanctioned, he's not keeping balance, he doesn't want fame, nor is he just protecting his home, Bruce has an obsession with fighting criminals. Bruce puts his life on the line because he has an obsession with ridding the world of criminals, by any means necessary. Batman has had many movies, from the Micheal Keaton Batman, to the sub par Val Kilmer and George Clooney versions, to the Christian Bale restart. Hopefully, the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, will be excellent. Batman is, in my opinion, the greatest superhero of all time.

Reading is fun to the mental!

Coming soon, the Top Ten Comic Book Villians.