Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Natural Born Killers!

Why do people act surprised when they hear racism, sexism, ageism and other forms of discrimination? Do people actually believe that discrimination died? Is it a widely believed theory that after the civil rights movement, prejudices left the American mentality? My theory is that racist became better racist, they hate you when they are not around you. But if they are pushed to show their true self, they will release that inner hater (Kramer from Seinfeld for example, or Mel Gibson). It's only so long that a person can put on an act, they'll soon run out of politically correct script. I find equality quotas (such as Affirmative Action) racist as well. They give a job, loan, scholarship, etc. to a "token" minority because of a quota. This minority may or may not be qualified, they are usually just given that position to fill a quota. So when they ask your race on an application, leave it blank, they just want to fill that quota. I personally like up-front racism, if you don't like me because I'm black, tell me, I won't feel any animosity towards you, we can even be friends. I hate a person that says they're not racist, and when you ask how many black friends they have, they tell you "six". My rule is if you count your friends and divide them by race, you're racist. I couldn't tell you how many white, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc. friends I have (I only have black friends, just kidding), I don't count my friends to maintain a quota. My friend Jay (#2 on my friend list) and I tried to get an apartment last year. The manager of the property kept asking Jay was he a Puerto Rican (he's Italian, if you really care). And since I wasn't present, he asked Jay what ethnicity I was (I'm black if you haven't seen my pics). The manager never returned our calls. See, I've faced racism and my "white" friend faced racism (because he thought he was a Puerto Rican). But I thought hate that manager, I respect him for not throwing out his beliefs for this "pussified" America, that cries whenever they're called a "nigger", a "spic", a "guinea, "wop", "sand monkey or nigger", a "wetback", a "frost-back", "chink", "gook", a "rice nigger". "buffalo nigger" (Filipinos, look it up), "spud niggers" (Irish, you can add nigger to anything), "dago", "heeb", "hymie", "taco nigger" (damn, nigger is so versatile), "beaner, etc.. hey, don't get mad at me, I didn't invent these terms (I just use them occasionally). The worse thing about racism is that people of certain ethnic groups use these terms amongst themselves like its okay. Black people call each other "nigga", supposedly the "a" ending is different than the "er" ending. Puerto Ricans refer to each other as "spic" when they are not in the company of outsiders (outsiders means white people). My Italian friend call each other "guinea", "wop", "dago", and "guido". I know Mexicans that call each other "wetback" and "beaner". When we disrespect each other by using these terms, we invite outsiders (white people, again) to use these terms. Hey, I use the term "nigga" more than probably anybody in the world (besides Michael Richards from Seinfeld or the late Strom Thurmond), even I am trying to curb my usage. We can't expect racism to disappear overnight (or ever), but when we use these terms in each other the racist are laughing at how stupid we look and how much more smarter we make them feel. I just ask if you're going to hate, hate for a good reason. Hate me because I stole your girlfriend, or I killed your cat, or I sent your son to die in Iraq for no apparent reason, or I made an album titled "Press Play" that makes you want to press stop (I missed hating Diddy). Hate is too strong an idea to be controlled by the weak-minded of society. Lets take the hate out of the hands of the trailer park trash, the project welfare recipients, the county bumpkins in the hills, the rednecks in the valleys, the family of twelve living in a two bedroom apartment, and put it back in the hands of Rock Diggie the great. Hate is good all the time, and all the time hate is good. Hate is very intoxicating, hate responsibly.

Peace, I mean WAR!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Digital Bullet!

"Hip-Hop is Dead" will be coming out in a month, so I am in some what of a good mood. I've been in that good mood since Jay-Z announced he will make a return like Kal-El in "Kingdom Come". Then my mood just elevated completely to a new high like Raekwon on dust in ninety-four. I've heard that Ghostface Killah will be releasing "More Fish" in "Digz-ember". What else can I expect to come in this final quarter of 2006? Oh yeah, Eminem is dropping the "Re-Up" (I expect the whole album to be as good as the first single). I'm feeling a good wave coming, like the tsunami in "The Abyss". I'm not going to assume this is the comeback of New York everybody is waiting for. In the first two quarters of next year, "Cuban Linx 2" is suppose to be dropping, "Graduation 2007" will commence, "T.I. vs. TIP" will be a great fight, Saigon will finally drop, Common will be "Finding Forever", and hopefully the "Detox" will finally occur. It should be a very eventful first half of 2007. And to all my loyal fans (me, myself and I, at this moment), I'm going to be in the studio putting together my debut "Toyz For Gunz". My cousin is also working on his stuff (if you like that gangsta shit, go to "The Block Burnaz"). I'm also working on some stuff with some friends, its called "Orange Jumpsuits on Side of Highways" , its a little "alternative rap" (whatever that means). Start checking out that MySpace page in January for the music (we still working on it). Just support good music (and I don't mean Kanye), support whatever puts you in that good mood. And remember "Digz-ember" 2nd is right around the corner, I expect gifts!.

Peace, I mean WAR!

Monday, November 13, 2006

From behind my giant robot's eyes!

I had a dream the other night, not a dream, a vision. It was a vision of things to come, a vision of the end of times. I can sense a revolution starting, a rebellion of some sorts brewing throughout the world. The vision began with a child being born, this child was surrounded by vast wealth and power. The child was bred to become the leader of the world, he attended prestigious academic institutions (doing not so well there). He was given control of small companies so that he could develop leadership skills (doing not so well there). The next move to prepare the child was to make him the governor of an established land. As governor, he put some of the plebeian peoples of his land to death under the lands archaic death penalty. That was the beginning of the vision, I call that part "Dubya : The Phantom Menace". The child reigned as governor of the evil land for nearly six years. After his term as governor, he and his evil syndicate began their plans for complete domination. With the congress already controlled by their political party, it was easy for the take over to began. The dark side then began their evil rise to power, first stealing control of the executive branch of the government, then installing associates inside the judicial. The dark side now had control of the entire government and the land. They started orchestrating a war on "terror", and started a war in Iraq against the "axis of Evil". With the introduction of the Patriot Act, wire tapping of communication became a topic, so I've called this part "Dubya : Attack on the Phones". With 2004 right around the corner, came elections. I'm going to skip all that went on in this part of the vision, I just call it "Dubya : Revenge of the Shit". So the wars continued, the evil empire reigned until November 2006. The evil empire was broken up by the "rebel forces" of the Democratic Party. I've named this part "Dubya : The New Hope". With the democrats assuming power of the congress, then the most logical next part is going to be "Dubya : The Empire Strikes Back". And after the empire unleashes its plans upon the people of the world, there must finally be a revolution, a rebellion of some sorts. The only question left unanswered by my vision was, who will be the hero's in the final chapter of this story? "Dubya : Return of the ?".

Peace, I mean WAR!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who's House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks and folkettes, how was your Election Day, I hope very eventful like mine. Out here in the great state of New York, Democrats pulled off a sweeping landslide. Now' I'm not a Democrat or a Republican (I hate all politicians), I'm just happy to see a change (which isn't going to change anything). And I wake up this morning to the announcement that Rumsfeld resigned (damn, I just resigned from government duty too). So as a result of democracy in action on November 7th, America still has a incompetent driver behind the wheel. And this drunk is not going to give up the keys for another two years (vehicular manslaughter has already been committed thousands of times). But here's what I learned on Election Day, if you just vote straight down the row, you can't go wrong. Alright, I'm done with the political crap, now to the more important topic. There is only two Tuesday's left until "Kingdom Come", I don't know about everybody else but I want it now (especially since The Game comes out next Tuesday, speaking of gay dudes wearing red...). I've listen to a couple tracks off of Baby and Lil Wayne's album and I've realized that all the gay talk is probably true. I mean these dudes were kissing each other on 106 and Park just last year. Now they have this picture out on the internet, with Baby cradling Wayne's neck as the embrace for a kiss (even mobsters never do that). I have nothing against homosexuals, I have something against hypocrites. Rappers and republicans are always slamming homosexuality, yet they are always seen in some sort of homosexual scene. Be who you are, in and out of your house or don't have a public persona. I'm going to leave this one short, because I've got some television to catch up on. But I'll leave you with this last thought, if Britney and Kevin & Whitney and Bobby can't make, how are we supposed to?

Peace, I mean WAR!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Downfall of Society!!!!

I just stumbled upon something walking around my hood today. Gay people are getting younger and younger each day. I have nothing against homosexuals, I have something against lazy children. During my youth, if a young boy was just a little feminine, he was ridiculed everyday in school. It taught him to be a tougher gay man (a homo-thug, if you will). Not in these days and times when there is the Harvey Milk School in New York City (it's to teach homosexual children they are the same by treating them different). I must repeat, I have nothing against gay people, it's all about lazy children. This Halloween, I had trick or treater's walk up to my door without costumes. In my youth, even the poorest family in town made ghost out of old bed sheets. At first I refused to give candy to children without costumes, but then I realized it wasn't there fault at all. I blame the parents for everything that goes on in this world with their children. Parents sue the schools because their kid was getting bullied. Children are stuck to their mothers nipples well into their teenage years, and that sort of child rearing is deteriorating society. When homosexual kids gets teased in school, the parent should tell them to go to school and stand up for themselves, not move them to a special school. If the black people during the civil rights movement didn't fight for their rights, where would black people be today (we're right back where we started, but that I will get into later). How do people expect their children to clean up the mess that their parents made, when the children have been so "pussified". Yes, I said "pussified", decades ago, people were getting sprayed with high power hoses and mauled by dogs. The generation that has just became adults cry at paper cuts. We must stop the further "pussification" of our society. Teach your children to go out and be a bully (like Barbara Bush taught her children), teach them to stand up for themselves (without lawsuits), and teach them to be hard (not soft and damp, e.g. "pussified"). Back in the days, people hid anything that kept them from seeming weak. They lived a life in the view of the public that was directly opposite of their life at home. But nowadays, Republican Senators that bash gay people have been coming out as gay people (how ironic). People kept their stealing, philandering, sodomizing, pedophiliac, murdering, victimizing ideals that they practice at home where they belonged, at home. We can't all have open closets, where's the mystery in that. We need to all teach our children that its okay to fit into the status quo. Teach them its okay to stand for something as long as you're man enough to die for it (like those crazy Islamic extremist). Individuality is good sometimes, but most of the time individuality leaves you in the middle of the dance floor dancing by yourself. It's good sometimes to roll with that Grand Ol' Party (Tuesday November 7th isn't one of those times). If you're reading this and you agree, then you probably have a little secret you're hiding. If you're reading this and you don't agree, then your friends think that your a self righteous flaming queer or a Democrat. Either way, I don't care what your kids do (as long as they don't do it on my lawn), I don't care what you do and I damn sure don't care what you say. Like the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, some wipe from the front to the back, others are sick and disgusting!

Peace, I mean WAR!(Vote And Die! Diddy says so)

I think I'm in love again! You are the prototype!

I've been searching for a while for something, I don't know what it is, but I've been searching. It's hard to find what you're looking for if you don't know what your looking for. A couple years ago I thought I found this amazing thing called love (don't let that get out and ruin my gangsta rep), but I realized it was just familiarity. I met this girl and after months of hanging out, I thought I was in love. After a while of being a sucker duck (like Nas and Jay-Z), I regained my composure and got back to my "fuck you" state, where I've been since. Then I tried to move out of that state, I went out with some chick from Georgia and it was going good, but I received a collect call from my "fuck you" state and I accepted charges. So I moved on, and went back into that suspended animation. Then I came back up top to New York and I met a couple females that were inviting, but that "fuck you" state of mind reared its head every time. Then I met this girl from New Jersey and we went out a couple times and I decided to lower my defenses (like Bush in Iraq), and that opened the flood gates. The insurgents attacked my senses and I tried to make this happen. I did all the things a good dude would and you all know the saying "good guys finish last" (I still ain't finish that race). So you know what happened next, I move back to my "fuck you" state. I frequented strip clubs to gain a false sense of closeness, I engaged in meaningless tryst to keep from letting my defenses down again. I met a female from Brooklyn, and I maintained the "fuck you" state of mind and pulled out before the bodies started dropping (Bush should learn). And right now I'm at the border of my "fuck you" state looking out at my boy that just got married and my other boy just had a kid, and where am I at. I still have a gang of my closest friend as my neighbors in our "fuck you" state, but I think it's time for a road trip out of this state. I don't know yet if love truly exists, but I'm willing to do the research now. I hope that is what I've been searching for, because if it isn't and I get stuck in a relationship, I'm going to hate myself. And my brother will probably make me the butt if his jokes. And if your a female and you're reading this, you can sign up to be a subject in my experiments, just e-mail me.

Peace, I mean WAR!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back 2 The Essence!

Here we are again at a turning point in our culture (Hip-Hop, if it still exists somewhere besides in the mind of people born before 1983). We as a whole are at the fork in the road that we've been at before. Lets go through the history for a minute. In the late seventies in the Bronx, NY, a group of young urban people (social term for niggas and spics) in a park starting rapping over "scratched" records. Other young urban people began posting their art on trains and walls around the city. Others tried dancing to these new tunes that were being played in the parks. At that time the status quo said that this culture was just a fad, but they were proved wrong. The music became a great part of urban culture and thus with anything created it must evolve. The first traces of this music was for strictly partying, but then came a song called "The Message". With the introduction of "The Message" came the first fork in the road. The question was do we use this music to bring social awareness or do we continue partying. The culture as a whole decided to compromise and some took the road of righteousness and some continued to party, all was well. As the culture continued to grow, new participants entered the fray. With artist doing "the bomb ditty domb da dand da dang", someone needed to build up the lyricism, in enters Run-DMC. Other rappers began to "step their game up". With the evolution of more skilled emcees came Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and others that flexed their rhyming muscles. As everyone watch these lyrical titans in Olympus (NYC), a new breed of rhyme Gods were finding a foot-hole in rap music out west. Rappers like Ice T, NWA, Too Short, and others brought a new gangsta rap form into the collective. So yet another fork we came upon, again the Hip-Hop society embraced both. At this point we have socially minded rap of all kinds from Public Enemy's revolutionary rap, to Boogie Down Productions' knowledge, as well as N.W.A.'s dark social views. Rap was wonderful and all was still good. For a while rap was gaining wider appeal and shows were formed for people to access the music videos of these rap stars, Yo MTV Rap, Rap City, Video Music Box. In the late eighties a new rap movement began in Queens, NY. With A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, the Native Tongues movement began. While during the social rap movement, many embraced their African roots and began wearing African medallions, during the Native Tongue movement, bohemian sensibilities (dressing like a homeless person) became the norm. During this time another form of rap was being discovered. Based on the Five Percenter teachings, came the Brand Nubians, Poor Righteous Teachers and others. Then like a shot in the dark in the early nineties, the producer from NWA came back with a new sound and a new voice, this voice was that of Snoop Doggy Dogg. And again we were at that fork in the road. This new West Coast rap wasn't the same as that of yesteryear, it had an infectious nature to it, it was saw that it could possibly destroy New York rap. But all that talk of New York falling off cease when a tape surfaced out of Queensbridge Houses. This wonderful tape was called "Illmatic" by Nasty ... I'm sorry, Nas. After that release New York seemed poise for a return to the past. Artist such as Buckshot, Wu-Tang Clan, Smif & Wessun and others prospered. During this time Craig Mack released "Flavor In Ya Ear(Remix)" featuring Notorious B.I.G.. B.I.G. took over NY rap in the coming years and became known as the "King of New York". All was right in the rap world. A well known rapper named Tupac starred in a movie called "Juice", his star was raising exponentially, and then a shooting occurred in Manhattan. A war of words ignited, the media divide rap music (we all know the story). Hip-Hop was at that fork once again, but out of respect for the fallen soldiers, we compromised again. Rappers like Jay-Z, Snoop, and Nas flourished, new rappers entered the game and there was the emergence of the south. Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Geto Boyz became popular groups in society. But all of a sudden as things were looking right, Notorious B.I.G.'s producer Puffy decided to "take hits from the eighties". He ignited the Jiggy Era in Hip-Hop, this era saw reinventions (Jigga Jay-Z, Nas Escobar) as well as new arrivals. Entered into the battle royal was Ma$e, the Lox (yeah they weren't D Block gangsta's then). The Jiggy Era was the opening that Cash Money Records was looking for, and with them "Bling, Bling" became a household term. Hip-Hop was not right at all, we were again at that fork. Some wanted to take the righteous road and most wanted the money that came with the Jiggyness, the majority won, and thus the downfall began. Since 1996 we have been bombarded by commercial Jiggy rap music and then rap music with substance has been deemed "Underground Rap" as if it is substandard. It has been ten years, and over these ten years we have seen the Midwest join the melee, Jiggyness reach the point of over-indulgence, and commercialism of a culture make the culture implode. So now the "true" Hip-Hop followers have become agitated by the destruction of their culture, and again we've reached that fork in the road. Now we've turned off the radio like Dead Prez said and watch "Old Skool" videos on YouTube.com. We sit at home waiting to hear that little glimmer of hope, wishing that someone would return rap to the state it was before Diddy destroyed it. We look at new rappers to fill the void, hoping a Kanye, a Lupe, a Saigon could bring Hip-Hop back. Or we wait for those legends of yore, a Nas, a Jay-Z, an Eminem, or a Ghostface to bring the love back. But I figured it all out, like Whitney once said, (not crack is whack) the children are the future. Lets smack the Dip Set CD's out of their hands and replace them with Big Daddy Kane. We must start from the ground up again and restore rap to the great urban event it was. In the words of Jay-Z, rap is at a standstill and we need an event album to restore the greatness. For my last word, to repeat Talib Kweli, "Listen".

Peace, I mean WAR!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Talk Is Cheap!

It's funny how Republicans say John Kerry was trying to say the troops are dumb, when Sen. Kerry was once a soldier in the military. I am ashamed as an former soldier in the military every time I hear Bush defending the military, he never showed up. And if everybody is so for the war in Iraq, why aren't they signing up to join the military and go to Iraq. Don't say you support something and then you don't back up your words. See, unlike the "crazy Islamic extremist" the troops are fighting, Americans truly won't die for a belief. I don't side with the extremist, I just believe you have to look at the history of the people they represent. Did you know Israel was ruled by Muslims before the Crusades (that includes Palestine, Jordan, The Gaza strip, etc.). Theodor Herzl, an Austrian Jew (European, not of Hebrew Descent, meaning not of true lineage to the holy people of biblical times), started the Zionist Movement in the early 1900's. These so-called chosen people called for a Jewish State and decided to move into the preoccupied territory the Palestinians are fighting for. So Europeans came to a land not theirs and took over (sounds familiar, America and the Native Americans for example). Furthermore, Reagan went to bed with the Iranian government and sold them weapons to fund the Contra Guerillas in Nicaragua. This was after Hezbollah in Iran took hostages from an American Embassy. So President Reagan funded America's enemy to fight another American enemy (one that disrupted the American governments drug trade). Jimmy Carter supplied Iraq with weapons to fight Iran in the Iraq-Iran war which went from 1980 to 1988 (President Reagan took office in 1981). So during the Iraq-Iran War, America supported both sides, while Iran built up arms that they traded with Soviet governments and Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds and put plans into motion to attack Kuwait. In my opinion, the American government is to blame for creating most of the "Axis of Evil". And president George W. Bush is the worst example of a president putting his own feelings above the common good of the people. In September of 2002 at a fundraiser in Houston, TX, Bush said "After all this is the guy who tried to kill my dad." Is my brother-in-law and some of my friends in Iraq because Saddam tried to kill his dad and not because of 9-11, or WMD's, or Saddam's ties with Al Qaeda (among the other bullshit excuses this administration has come up with). Oh, and I can go and quote history facts about why America is responsible for Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, the PLO, Saddam Hussein's rise to power, the Khadafi's power, as well as other things that currently have young American's dying in the Middle East. So if you feel like me and don't care which dumb politician screws up America, instead of voting on Tuesday go out and buy the Gnarls Barkley Deluxe Edition, Jim Jones (just kidding), The Transformers Movie 20th Anniversary Edition, or the Peter Frampton Colour Collection. Nah, I'm just kidding, I'll wait 'til November 21 when Kingdom Come drops and I'll go make sure Hillary Clinton gets another term as Senator.

Peace, I mean WAR! (like President Bush)